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Genesis 8 Female
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License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement
Needed:Daz Studio 4 Pro

Genesis 8 Female ("G8F" for short) is the fourth DAZ-made TriAx Weightmapped and the eighth-generation female figure from DAZ3D. She is available for free with Daz Studio 4 Pro. In Feburary 2021 DAZ released Genesis 8.1 Female.[1] Genesis 8.1 Female is compatible with Genesis 8 Female products but not vice versa.

Free resources for Genesis 8 Female are listed on sub-pages:


a93 - Zorro Sword Prop G8F-G8M
This is a prop sword inspired by the legendary Zorro's sword! Included are wearable presets and left/right-hand poses for G8F and G8M, but as it is a prop you can use it standalone or with any other character. Iray materials.
bague dentaire / dental ring
DazStudio. Braces
Bone conduction headphones
Crown Jewels
Crown, scepter, imperial orb or
Daz studio. iray Headphone
EA Balloons for G8F
Easy Tears G8F
Geometry Shell Tears
DazStudio. The sai have three unique hand grip presets and come set up for G8f, G8m, G3f, G3m, G2f, and G2m or or
ECH_Jeweled_Sai - Update and Addon or ECH_Jeweled_Sai 1.2
DazStudio. The second and final add-on for the ECH_Jeweled_Sai freebie is now available! Fire, Earth, and Darkness. Overwite all previous files if you've installed the first version. I will leave that version active for a few weeks at least, and will then remove it. It is recommended to remove any previous version you may have downloaded and install this more complete set cleanly. Numerous fixes have been applied to presets, and old as well as new textures have been optimized to reduce wasted file storage. or or
A very resource light e-cig/vape prop for Genesis 8 Females. This prop contains no textures, only a shader preset with emissive surfaces. or!FvoGFYgT!PbvhtA1tccdpuar7fMGD1FfhWgcV-WYr9_T7FsXF_Lw
E.Swann Outfit for dazstudio iray(g8Female)
Cosplay Pirates of the Carribean. Includes 1 saber and 1 sword and some poses
Fairy Antenna - G8F
Free Tears for Genesis 8 Female
Glow Skin {facial mask} for Genesis 8 Female
This is a "facial mask" beauty product - you need to supply your own textures.
gold-amazone-set for daz studio iray
sword, sword in sheath, helmet with wings different morph settings, shield, different poses
handcuffs / menottes
DazStudio. A pair of handcuffs with a pose for G8F and a pose for La Femme
Hearingaids for G8F
Heavy Hitters for G8F
95 morphs - impacts, swelling, and even the body morph you see in the promo, 262 poses - 131 unique poses with mirrors to make sure you get that perfect fight, 6 props - rigged and/or morphing fluid props to really get the perfect impact, 4 materials - sweat, blood, and two others for those with more particular interests, Plus a whole slew of zeroing presets, snap-to presets, and even a few hand poses to get back to the action with fewer clicks
LOTS Agiel for g8f
Cosplay Legend of the Seeker or
Masque et Palmes pour G8F
Swimming goggles and diving fins or
Masque Update et Tuba pour G8F Mask updated because it did not adapt well to Genesis when she changed her pose adds a snorkel or
PlugIn Limbs G8F
PlugIn limbs for Genesis 8 is a set of 8 geografts for the Genesis 8 female. It contains 4 limb caps and 4 limbs. It does NOT contain any robotic skins or internal skeletal parts. or
Shark Knife Set for Genesis 8 Female - DAZ Studio
speed bound for g3f g8f (Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)
Spurs for Genesis 8 Female
Striker Unit For G8F AND G3F
Cosplay World Witches
SWT BaseBall Bat for Genesis 8 Females
tears for Fears for genesis 8 iray
tears collection for genesis 8 iray. in pure, ink and bloody
A Thousand Reasons to cry
4 tears props, 3 LIEs, 1 Displacement or
The thumbcuffs
DazStudio. Includes a pose for G8F
VR Headset for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female
waist cuff prop for speed bound g3f,g8f (Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)

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