G8M Pose Transfer To M4/H4/F4 Script

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G8M Pose Transfer To M4/H4/F4 Script

G8M Pose Transfer To M4/H4/F4 Script
Download Links
Main Site:https://www.renderosity.com/freestuff/items/86939/g8m-pose-transfer-to-m4h4f4
Second Site:https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/comment/6224906/#Comment_6224906
Other Information
License:commercial or non-commercial use
Needed:Daz Studio 4 Pro
andGenesis 8 Male
andMichael 4

G8M Pose Transfer To M4/H4/F4 Script is a utility script created by richardandtracy.

This is DAZ Studio script to take a pose that has been applied to a G8M Character and transfer it to a M4/H4/F4 character.

To operate, load in G8M, apply the pose you want to transfer. Then load M4/H4/F4, and run the script. As with my other pose transfer scripts, you will need to select M4/H4/F4's hip and also G8M's hip. Having done that, press the 'Accept' button and M4/H4/F4 will take a pose close to the G8M pose. It won't be exact, as the script can't get around the figure generational differences. If M4/H4/F4 is a long way from the correct shape, you may have to turn M4/H4/F4's limits off.