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The 3 character presets that are included with Genesis: basic male, basic female and basic child, rendered in DAZ-Studio by Glaseye
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Genesis is the first DAZ-made TriAx weightmapped figure, unique for its ability to morph into any gender, age and shape from the single mesh. Having good cross-generation support in both previous (Generation 3-4) and newer (Generation 6) generations, it can use a variety of hairstyles, clothes and poses not designed for it; it utilizes Autofit features provided in DAZ Studio, among other techniques, to get an item to fit.

Genesis can be imported into Poser with the (currently free) DSON Importer for Poser. Genesis characters (or major shapes) are classified as Generation 5. Each DAZ Studio user receives this figure with his or her order of the programme; there is a separate installer for it called Genesis Starter Essentials. This bundle provides Basic Male, Basic Female and Basic Child shapes, WildMane HairStyle for Genesis, Sally Mae Hair for Genesis, Aldora Hair for Genesis, Duke Hair for Genesis, Journeyer Scout for Genesis, Magus Outfit for Genesis, Kids 4 Basicwear for Genesis, Elite Texture Lana, Elite Texture Jeremy, Children's Texture and poses for each of the shapes.

Free resources for Genesis include:

Parented Props[edit]

Moon Sword for Genesis
DazStudio. This is a model of an actual sword I personally own, and its scabbard. The sword is smart parented to the scabbard, left, or right hands, and the scabbard can be parented to the back or hips for left or right handed drawing.
Tactical Props
DazStudio. A rather low-poly resource for genesis1 useful with other similar products like "ATLAS Armored Suit"

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