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At the moment, character materials and shaders for Genesis are also listed on this page. Eventually, the textures for Genesis will get their own page.

Character morphs and faces, creature morphs, and utility morphs for Genesis.

See Famous People for morphs that look like celebrities. If any of the morphs here turn Genesis into a recognizable famous person, those entries should be added to the Famous People list and marked as Cosplay resources on this list.

Many of these morphs require some or all of the following paid accessories:

When we know that a morph needs one or more of these paid resources, the resources will be listed on the morph's description page. However, not all morph downloads identify which if any of these paid resources are required, so their absence on a page does not guarantee that they are not required.



Adiqualadeyo for Genesis
Simple aged morphs for hands and feet for Genesis.
Aiko 3 All Grown Up (Genesis Character)
A-ipil for Genesis
Alana A5
Alexandra for Genesis
Alice for Genesis YT Julie
Amalia for Genesis (DAZ Studio 4.5)
Amandi for Genesis 1
AMR’s Proportions for Genesis
Amy AiMei for Genesis
An'Doreal for Genesis
Anthea for Genesis (DAZ Studio 4.5)
An AoA SSS Preset for Victoria 6
Aquiline for Genesis (DAZ Studio 4.5)
Ariel the Little Mermaid for Genesis
Art Doll 01 for G1 & G2F - Dial Morph Characters
Required for Genesis 1 - DAZ Genesis Evolution: Head Morphs, DAZ Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs, Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 02, and DieTrying's 182 V4 Morphs for Genesis (Free.) Required for Genesis 2 Female - DAZ Head Morphs, DAZ Body Morphs, Genesis 2 Female Mixed Morph Resource Kit, and DieTrying's 182 Morphs for G2F (Free.)
Art Doll 02 for Genesis - Dial Morph Character
REQUIRED Genesis Evolution: Head Morphs (DAZ); Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs (DAZ); Genesis Head Morph Resource Kit 2 (DAZ), and DieTrying's 182 V4 Morphs for Genesis (free) -
Astrid for V5/Genesis
Atrion's races for Genesis 1


Baby Lori for Genesis
BD Ayane for Genesis 1
BD Ayane for Genesis 1
Biao Pan for Genesis
Biff for Genesis
Big Ear Fella
Cosplay Star Trek
Big Ears 2nd edition
Cosplay Star Trek
Blake Nightwind for Genesis 1 OR OR
Brogan for Genesis (DAZ Studio 4.5)


CatEyes for Genesis
COF Digital Souls : Kendra Genesis 1
Required Prodocuts : Daz Studio , Genesis 1, Genesis Evolution : Head Morphs, Genesis Evolution : Body Morphs, Young Teens 5 Julie, Ethnicity for Genesis : African, Ethnicity for Genesis : Native American
COF Hannah Moonriver (for Genesis 1)
needs Genesis Evolution : Head Morphs, Genesis Evolution : Body Morphs, Ethnicity for Genesis : Asian, Ethnicity for Genesis : Native American, G4 and F4 for Genesis (Specifically the G4 part of the package), and Young Teens 5 Julie OR OR


Damien for Genesis
Demonspawn Jr
Demonspawn Jr extra material
Dennisa for Genesis
Dial A Face Samantha for Genesis
DieTrying's 182 V4 Morphs for Genesis
Dmah Alien Female Alien Figure for Genesis
Drehen for Genesis
Duane Breyer's Hilda!


Elka for Genesis
English Rose for Genesis
Ethnic Variety I
Ethnic Variety II


FaceJowls for Genesis
Fang morph for Genesis
to make it work in DazStudio 4.9 follow these instructions
Fantasy Eyes for Genesis
Fantasy Sleeve
Fashion style for Genesis Male & Female
Tall and slender bodies Genesis Male & Female. Morph - Character. Individual use or in combination with the characters of the figure. Only the body. Head any of possible.
Findlay for Genesis 1 AND AND
Free BULGE 2! Ultimate Bulge Pack for Gen and G2M
Free Ear Genesis II
' Genesis character Agnes
Needs 'V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis’
' ED_Bea (Genesis/DAZ)
Needs 'V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis’
' Felicie (DAZ/Genesis)
Needs 'Genesis Evolution: Head Morphs' and 'Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs'
Frida for Genesis or
Furry Friends
This kit includes: 6 Furry Mats, 7 Body Features that are interchangeable with any of the Base Mats, 4 Eye Colors. Does not include Hair, Clothing, or Morphs
Furry Friends 2
This kit includes: 7 Furry Mats, 7 Body Features that are interchangeable with any of the Base Mats, 1 Set of Spots that is interchange with any of the Base Mats, 4 Eye Colors
FW Ellette Ice Fae Add-On for Victoria 4 + Genesis
requires FW Ellette for Victoria 4.2 / V 4 and Genesis non-free content
FW Lindsay for Genesis
requires FW Lindsay for Victoria 4.2 / V 4 non-free content


Gadaquali for Genesis
Genesis African Men
Genesis Baby
This is a morph for Genesis to turn it into about a six month old baby. It is a combination of custom sculpting and the Basic Child. The preset will load both and apply some additional scaling. Also, the included skin presets rely on the included basic K4 skin textures. There are both Iray and 3DL presets. The 3DL ones use the AoA SSS shader. There are custom settings for the eyes, too. The promo renders use Aprilysh's Babee Hair ( and Askance's diaper ( This morph also mixes well with other Genesis morphs, like the troll and gorilla (see the third promo image). Unzip to a temporary location and merge the contents of the Content folder with your Studio library. Usage rights are the same as the Genesis base.
Genesis Burned or Distorted Morph - Full Body
Genesis Chest Correction Morph for G4 Shape
Genesis darker skin tones, female
Genesis Elf Ears
Genesis Ghost 2nd Skin
Genesis Male Tan and Darker skin mat
Ghastly's Generic Anime/Manga Head
Ghastly's Ghastly Robot
Ghastly's Ghastly Zombie
Ghastly's Tree Protector - Genesis 1
Gnetho for Genesis
The Goblins
Gorilla for Genesis Inner Mouth Fix (msotly [sic] for Poser 9/P 2012)
requires Gorilla for Genesis non-free content
Gorillaman for Genesis
requires Gorilla for Genesis non-free content
Gorillawoman for Genesis
requires Gorilla for Genesis non-free content
NEEDED FILES Genesis (Included with Daz Studio), Victoria 5, Abominable, Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs, Genesis Evolution: Head Morphs, Genesis Creature Creator Bundle. 8 Morphs for Genesis. 4 eye textures and 8 skin textures


Hand&Foot Details For Genesis
Hannah Moonriver for Genesis 1
Head geografts and skins Genesis p 1/4
Head geografts and skins Genesis p 2/4
Head geografts and skins Genesis p 3/4
Head geografts and skins Genesis p 4/4
Heart shaped pupils
Located in My Library>People>Genesis 3 Female>Materials>dumbusers heart shaped eyes. But it should work on every G2,G3 or G8 based figure. Doesnt work on G1, but you can add textures manually under surfaces>genesis>iris-diffuse color.
HFS "Ears Pushed In" Morph for Genesis
HFS Races: Kergan Textures
requires HFS Races: Kergan non-free content
HFS Shapes - ME Expansion
Cosplay: Mass Effect
Hinekuru for Genesis
Hiro Asian Morphs
36 Earth Tone & Spectrum Color skin tones for Genesis 1 & 2. 36 Earth Tone & Spectrum Color skin tones for Genesis 3. 35 Matching eye colors for Genesis 1 & 2


Imperial Alien for Genesis
Cosplay: Romulan from Star Trek


Janet for Genesis (DAZ Studio 4.5)
Joel The Troll
Joel it a Genesis 1 morph He will load in with The Journeyer Scout outfit, His skin material is the G1 sample material
John Q Genesis & family (DAZ 4 only)
Julia for Genesis
June for Genesis (DAZ Studio 4.5)
Junior is a Material Set that can be applied to Genesis Male, Michael 5, Genesis 2 Male, and Michael 6. This is just the Material Files which allows you to use your own Morphs. It was created with the help of the V6 Character Creation Tutorial by Dreamlight the only thing I did was applied everything to the Genesis Male Base. The Texture Files used was created by me in JASC 8 Paintshop Pro W/Blade. I did use a Skull Tattoo designed for M4 by Adam Thwaites Most Digital Creations. This Package does include the Gens Materials as well. Hope you enjoy.
Junk In The Trunk for Genesis (updated)


Kayima for Genesis 1
"based on the people of the Omo Valley in Ethopia"
Kendra for Genesis 1 OR
Kellmann for Genesis
Kiara for Genesis or
Kona-Genesis (1)
Kurei for Genesis


Lehm for Genesis
Ivy. scene, cameras, lighting according to the cameras, Pose, Shape, Material for Genesis or
LiNa for Genesis
Lip Liner for Genesis Female - psd file
Lisa-Anime Lady
Living Golden1 for Genesis
Lizzar For Genesis DS4.5
Lory for Genesis or
Lucy for Genesis
Lucy for Genesis.Little girl character for Genesis. Material - Sample Child. Clothing and hair are not included. or
Luncheon on the Grass Update or Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe Update or


M5 Ordinary Joes
Male_M3dia DuoGenesis link to the download)
Mikaela5 Female Character
You need Genesis and Victoria 5 installed
The MILF for Genesis
Missing Teeth Morphs for Genesis.
Mk85 IrisOrganic morph for Genesis and Genesis 2
Moire Morph for Genesis
Morgan V4
DazStudio. Here is a character preset for V4 that includes both fixed morph and materials. I included an additional material file so that you can use it with Genesis as well.
Morph pack for G1 and G2
Contains 120 morphs in total. Some of these are pretty exteme so please use responsibly! Keep in mind, these morphs and their names are completely random. They have been made at different times, some are from characters which i have never used. Do not expect any logic in names.


Neil Head Morph for Genesis Male



P3D Alicia Extra Zebra Makeups
requires P3D Alicia non-free content
P3D Taura for Genesis
Pierced Heart Characters for Genesis
The Pin-Up Girl Pack for Genesis
Princess Jasmine for Genesis
Prita for Genesis



RAMWorks Morphs for Genesis
utiliy morphs (Direct link to the download) or
Regina for Gen1 Sadie, Aiko3


Sabby-Cortney for Genesis
Sabby-Dixie for Genesis
SASE Nicole Genesis DS
Shoulder Drop for Genesis
The Sickle Booty G1G2
SickleYield's Mutation for Genesis
Skin Material for Black and White Skin (DS4.5)
Suka for Genesis


  • TOS Face Morphs for Genesis (Cosplay: Majel Barrett, James Doohan, Bruce Hyde, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, George Takei, Grace Lee Whitney)
  • TNG for Genesis (Cosplay: LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Patrick Stewart)
Tannis-Anime Sister
TCF: Almond Crush face morp [sic]
requires The Candy Factory non-free content
Tanar the Caveman
Tempest's V4 Aging Morphs for Genesis
Tessa for Genesis
Tween Morphs for Genesis


Udongo for Genesis
UPDATED Bulge & Cameltoe for Genesis
Update Maya_G1_Basic Child or


V5 Stylised
Venus De Milo Pose And Character Preset


WC Betterman for Genesis (DS4.5)
wc Black Skin
WC Genesis Morph Augmentation Kit D|S4.5
WC Johanna for Genesis (DS 4.5)
WC Skin Materials D|S4.5, for Genesis and V4
WC SSS Materials for Genesis D|S4.5
The Wicked 180 - Breast Movement for Genesis



YT 5 Julie-African Girls
YT5 Julie-Asian Girls
YT5 Justin-African Boys
YT5 Justin-Asian Boys
YT5 Justin-Hispanic Boys
YT5 Justin-NA Boys


Zamuel's Girl Texture Set for V4 UVS
Zamuels Girl 02 Texture Set