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Full-Body Skin Textures[edit]

Human Textures[edit]

Nina G2F

Nonhuman Textures[edit]

Monster/Zombie skin resource kit. The image files are of course in "My Library/Runtime/Textures/xde50" There is a material preset in "People/Genesis 2 Female/Materials/xde50". It applies only diffuse image. I didn't need much detail. That's why this is a resource skin. Use it however you like. Comment with links if you use it for something.
G2 Fantasy Mat

Partial-Body Textures[edit]

Eye Textures[edit]

Genesis 2 Female Eyes for Poser only
Heart shaped pupils
Located in My Library>People>Genesis 3 Female>Materials>dumbusers heart shaped eyes. But it should work on every G2,G3 or G8 based figure. Doesnt work on G1, but you can add textures manually under surfaces>genesis>iris-diffuse color.


Genesis 2 Female: colour my lashes and nails
Halloween faces for gf2
Iray Nail Shaders for G3 and G2 Females or Nail Colors for G3F and G2F (Iray Only) or


Second Skin Clothing[edit]

Other Textures[edit]

An AoA SSS Preset for Victoria 6
Anime Shaders for Genesis 3 & Anime Doll for Genesis 2 Female (Head)
Carved face for G2 & G3
Diffuse skin color
Genesis 2 Female Neutral Grey
Genesis 2 Grey Material Presets
36 Earth Tone & Spectrum Color skin tones for Genesis 1 & 2. 36 Earth Tone & Spectrum Color skin tones for Genesis 3. 35 Matching eye colors for Genesis 1 & 2
IG Iray Essentials Aiko 6
IG Iray Essentials Gia 6
IG Iray Essentials Girl 6
IG Iray Essentials Giselle 6
IG Iray Essentials Lilith 6
IG Iray Essentials Mei Lin 6
IG Iray Essentials Monique 6
IG Iray Essentials Olympia 6
IG Iray Essentials Stephanie 6
scarface for G2 & G3
Skin tones for G2F