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Tutorials for Genesis 2 Female



Fitting Loose V4 Clothing to Gn/G2F in DS
Gen2F Skin settings by Callad
sample settings for LuxRender
How to make a G2F clone for your Genesis autofit
How to use our V4 textures with Genesis 2 Female/V6 in Poser and DAZ Studio


Steps to Get projection templates to work for your Custom Genesis 2 Figure
Transfer all genesis 1 morphs (basicaly all morphs from genesis 1 shaping tab) to Genesis 2
Transferring Morphs from Genesis to G2M/G2F and from G2M/G2F to Genesis (Now with Clones!)
[Tutorial] Transferring Character Morphs G1 to G2
Tutorial: Genesis1 to Genesis2 Hands and Feet Fix
Tutorial: Transfer Genesis 1 Characters To G2F


Use of the V4 to Genesis 2 Female product
"A walk-through of the process involved in transferring V4 skin textures across to the new Genesis 2 Female character"
Where's My Hair? Genesis 2 Females
"how to locate Genesis Hair in the Scene tab after it has been applied the Genesis 2 Female Figure"