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Tutorials Edit

Transferring Morphs from Genesis to G2M/G2F and from G2M/G2F to Genesis (Now with Clones!)
[Tutorial] Transferring Character Morphs G1 to G2
Tutorial: Genesis1 to Genesis2 Hands and Feet Fix
Tutorial: Transfer Genesis 1 Characters To G2M

Seam Guides Edit

Seam Guides or

Starter Wardrobe Meshes Edit

UV Map, Material, and Shader Utilities Edit

Generation 4 to Genesis 2 Material Converter
UVSetterGen2: Revised 10/2014
A set of 22 UV presets for Genesis 2 Male and Female characters. Use these presets to quickly change the UV map of your character without affecting the material settings. Included are Basic Male, Basic Female, Gia, Girl 6, Michael 4, 5 and 6, Victoria 4, 5 and 6. Recently added: Hiro 5, Freak 5, David 5, Aiko 5, Stephanie 5, Stephanie 6 and Olympia, Aiko 6, Giselle, Lilith, Gianni, Lee 6. Note that you must have these UV sets installed on your system for the presets to work. So if you don't have V6, then the V6 preset won't do anything and may give an error message. Presets only work on Genesis 2 and will not apply any UV changes to Genesis (1). Presets are located in My Library/Presets/UVSetterGen2 for DAZ Studio and Runtime/Libraries/Pose/UVSetterGen2 in Poser.

Other Utilities Edit

Auto-fit Clones - Part Two
Genesis to Genesis 8 and Genesis 2 to Genesis 8, Genesis 8 to Genesis 2 and Genesis
Turn Genesis 2 rotations limits off in POSER