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Note: There may be more hairstyles for Genesis 3 Female listed on the main Hair pages.

Convert Clothing G3 to G8, G8 to G3 also describes how to fit hair made for Genesis 8 Female to Genesis 3 Female.


Afro Hair for daz3d genesis 3 Female


Couettes pour G3F


EA Beanie with Hair for G8F & G3F
EA Sidecut Hait for Genesis 3 & 8 Femela(s)
Einfaches Haar für G3F und G8F or SmidA - Simple Hair
Einfaches Haar für G3F und G8F or SmidA - Simple Hair
Simple hair for G3F and G8F,
einfaches Haar 02 or SmidA - G3+8F - Simple Hair 02
Simple hair for G3F and G8F, suited especially for Manga characters


Fibermesh Elven Eyebrows


Gwennili Hair for Genesis 3 female or
Touchable Gwennili


Hair Caps For Genesis 8 or 3 Female and Male



Mane for Centaur 7 and Genesis 3 Male
The Centaur mane is a conforming fiberhair mane for Daz3D's Centaur 7 and Genesis 3 Male.
Hair fit for G3F



Rockabilly Noir for the Genesis Clans
DazStudio only. G2F, G3F and G8F


Side Swept ROse Hair
for DAZ Genesis 3 & Genesis 8 Female(s) or and


Trish Hair for Genesis 3 Female or

Resources for Paid Hair[edit]


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