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Full-Body Skin Textures[edit]

Linda - Character for G3F with texture maps
The Nina for Genesis 3 Female
The Nina is Halloween version of Nina for Genesis 3 Female, Enjoy your Halloween. INCLUDES: The Nina Nails Apply/Remove, Full Body Skin Materials (Base + Genital), Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF). Programs Required: DAZ Studio 4.10. Models Required: Genesis 3 Female, Nina For Genesis 3 Female

Nonhuman Textures[edit]

Genesis 3 Dark Elves
4 Dark Elf Mats, 1 Dark Elf Morph Spin Dial, 4 Eye Colors, 6 Fingernail Shades. These textures are in the Genesis 3 Male base UVmap so you will need to adjust accordingly for Genesis 3 Female. This is in DAZ Studio 4.7 Format so no Iray. To use these textures you need: DAZ Genesis 3 Male or Female, will also work with Genesis 8 Female. To use the Dark Elf Morph you need: (these are all from DAZ) Genesis 3 Head & Body Morphs, Fantastical Features for Genesis 3 Male or Female, HFS morphs Fantasy Shapes
This has a Morph, a Materials Preset, a Character Preset, and Textures. NO EYE OR MOUTH TEXTURE is included, I just used the eye and mouth textures from Genesis 3 Female Base. There is only one face texture included, and it includes makeup.

Partial-Body Textures[edit]

Eye Textures[edit]

Cel Toon Eyes for Star 2.0
DG Toon Eyes for Star 2.0 and Genesis 3
I discovered that some (not all) of the materials for the DG Toon Eye set worked with Star 2.0. This is an addon so the reflections will work, as well. I also added cornea eye colors and transparency settings for a bit wider variety. You can get the DG Toon Eye set here: and here: This is a conversion of the Gen2F set. You absolutely have to have the DG Toon Eye set for this to work.
Genesis 3 Eyes
Iray Mats and Textures, Genesis 3 Eyes Seam Guide, Iray HDR light (HDR comes with DS4.8) and render settings
Genesis 3 Male and Female Crystal Eyes Shader
Style Eyes
Stylized Irises for G3F and G3M or
Terror Eyes
Iray only (page 49)
Twizted Reflections Freebie
Contains 2 of the 20 Eye Reflections mats included in the Twizted Reflections Merchant Resource and Material Add On for Genesis 3 Females! This Freebie Set Can Also Be Used as Merchant Resource. *These are in IRAY Format Only*


Iray Nail Shaders for G3 and G2 Females or Nail Colors for G3F and G2F (Iray Only) or
Twizted Fingernails and Toenails Freebie
3 Of the Most Used Colored Natural Fingernails and Toenails Plus 3 Gloss Options for Genesis 3 Females (IRAY ONLY)


Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Tattoos G3F
Cosplay, GIMP
Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Tattoos G3F PNG
Cosplay, PNG

Second Skin Clothing[edit]

Other Textures[edit]

AJ Blood Vessel Textures[dead link] or[dead link]
Carved face for G2 & G3
36 Earth Tone & Spectrum Color skin tones for Genesis 1 & 2. 36 Earth Tone & Spectrum Color skin tones for Genesis 3. 35 Matching eye colors for Genesis 1 & 2
scarface for G2 & G3


Unsorted except by name. Eventually, this section will go away once everything listed below this line is moved to a section above this line.


Amy for Genesis3
Ana for Victoria 7
Anime Add-on Genesis 3
This kit includes: 14 Anime Eye Colors, 09 Anime Eye Solid Colors, 06 Eyelash Styles, 11 Eye Reflections
Anime Basics for Genesis 3
Anime Shaders for Genesis 3 & Anime Doll


Fashion eyelashes for GF3
Furry Friends Genesis 3


Genesis 3 Base Female Seamless Noisemaps
Genesis 3 Female Base UV Tan Lines #1
Genesis 3 Female Grey Materials
Genesis 3 Female Lashes
Go to Surfaces - Editor - Genesis 3 Female - Surfaces - Eylashes Swap out the 'Cutout Opacity' file for one of these.


Irsavia Skin Tints
This package contains 6 skin tints, designed for Irsavia G3F but suitable for any Genesis 3 Female character with Iray shaders. Results will vary depending on base skin tone.


lara croft for g3f
Cosplay (Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)


Rebeca shaders


Scabies G3F
Scabies is a material preset for genesis 3 female. She can either be an infected meth head or a street drunk thats done rolled up under a car. You create as you wish.
Skins_G3F or


Woman for G3F-V7


Zdg 3DL Alternate G3F shader Preset 01003
ZdgGen7AltShaders Megapack01
AltShader presets for setting up scenes in 3delight.