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Seam Guides Edit

Genesis 3 Female Arrangement Points for MD
Bounding Volumes and Arrangement points for Genesis 3 Female (Base shape) for Marvelous Designer. Created in Marvelous Designer 5.5.
Genesis 3 Female seam guides
by SnowSultan
Genesis 3 Female UVs and Seam Guides or
Torso UVs for G3F Anatomical Elements
Very Basic G3F Skin Resource
A very basic set of .jpg's that show the seams for the Genesis 3 Female model. It is not a full texture / materials set, it is just a reference set for people to work with and modify and create their own textures from it.
Victoria 7 UV and Seam Guides

Tutorials Edit

AD for G2F on Genesis 3 Female

Pose Utilities Edit

Genesis 3 Female Reset Poses
V4/A4 Pose Transfer to G3F

Other Utilities Edit

Auto-fit Clones - Part One
Genesis 3 to Genesis 8 and Genesis 8 to Genesis 3
BelBel for Genesis 3 Female (RTE)
In order to make sure the person who obtains and uses this package has BelBel and make sure that I'm not get into copyright infringement issues. Therefore, I used the very old way of how artists distributed morphs for Aiko 3, the RTE encoding/decoding. The package contains a ZIP file that is encoded with the original BelBelA3.obj by using RTEJava 0.5b.
Bounding Volumes and Arrangement Points for G3F
This file contains Bounding Volumes and Arrangement Points for DAZ Studio's G3F. These files are for use in Marvelous Designer 6. Included is a PDF tutorial on loading and using the bounding volumes and arrangement points. I hope these really speed up your modeling process.
Daz Studio Posing Scripts (now for G3F)
Deco Head for Genesis 3 Female
EA Limb Visibility Presets for Genesis 3/8
Ekm-Dual Lobe-ify G3
This little hack changes the iray surfaces of any G3 figure to match how the new G8 figures are set up. In addition to changing numbers, it attempts to emulate how these next gen figures are set up by copying the base color image map to the translucency image map, and the glossy layered weight image map to the dual lobe specular weight image map. (I have updated the script to do this. the previous version it was bump map to dual lobe reflectivity. the old version is still included as a zip inside the download). But you should note! G8 is a pale lady, which means applying this straight out of the box to a non-pale figure may produce strange results. Adjusting the transmitted colors (SSS) will help. When other skin tones are available for me to test on, I may make more presets. For now, please give our lovely model Ceridwen from the Daz store a round of applause. This script works only on G3 figures with _iray_ materials and requires Daz3d 4.9 (for access to the Dual Lobe Iray Uber feature).
G8toG3 Shader Presets Install
G3 Pose Presets
Genesis 3 Poser Updater
for Poser 11+
help forum:
Genesis 8 to Genesis 3 Pose Adjust
You like a Genesis 8 pose but you use Genesis 3. apply the script! or
PointAt-Fixer for Genesis' eyes (upd for Gen 3 )
Update for BlackFeather1973 script to support G3F and G3M.
PzDB Genesis3 Victoria7 Grouping Pack
Unbreak Spine: Posture Corrector for Genesis 3