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Genesis 3 Male
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License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement
Needed:Daz Studio 4 Pro

Genesis 3 Male ("G3M" for short) is the fifth DAZ-made TriAx Weightmapped and the seventh-generation base male figure from DAZ3D. He is available for free with Daz Studio 4 Pro.

G3M can be imported into Poser with the DSON Importer for Poser.

G3M characters (or major shapes) are classified as Generation 7. Each DAZ Studio user receives this figure with his or her order of the program; there is a separate installer for it called Genesis 3 Starter Essentials. For the G3M shape, this bundle provides Basic Male, a Basic Wear Outfit, Armani Hair, ten "Urban Model" poses, and Iray settings.

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Parented Props[edit]

DazStudio. The sai have three unique hand grip presets and come set up for G8f, G8m, G3f, G3m, G2f, and G2m or or
ECH_Jeweled_Sai - Update and Addon or ECH_Jeweled_Sai 1.2
DazStudio. The second and final add-on for the ECH_Jeweled_Sai freebie is now available! Fire, Earth, and Darkness. Overwite all previous files if you've installed the first version. I will leave that version active for a few weeks at least, and will then remove it. It is recommended to remove any previous version you may have downloaded and install this more complete set cleanly. Numerous fixes have been applied to presets, and old as well as new textures have been optimized to reduce wasted file storage. or or


Transfer Utility Training Object for G3M
Face Mask

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