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Textures, materials and shaders for Genesis 3 Male. Unless marked otherwise, these are usable in Daz Studio 4 Pro only, just like G3M himself.


ABC 3Delight Materials presets for G3M & G8M
The presets are for G3M & G8M, but the textures are not included, they must be purchased separately in my store: Alex, Benicio, Coilin
Anime Add-on Genesis 3
This kit includes: 14 Anime Eye Colors, 09 Anime Eye Solid Colors, 06 Eyelash Styles, 11 Eye Reflections
Anime Basics for Genesis 3
Anime Shaders for Genesis 3 & Anime Doll


Black Eye Set
Bloody Vampires
it comes with 5 LIEs. 1 Charakter shape and one Skin Shader. please read the readme!!!! you need a morph pack to youse my shape. the morph is a freebie here from LIE are working on G8M, G8F, G3M and G3F or


Cale 4 G3M
This new character includes full textures, face morph, and 11 eye choices
Carved face for G2 & G3
Cute & Cool Rabbit Tattoos
Made for "Kawaii- Anime" render und "Asien - Style". Tattoos are LIE and work on GF/GM3 and GF/GM8


Darius 7 Extra presets
LIE presets for Darius 7. Less glossy on lips, shaved face, a bit of shadow and a reset to default. or (Direct link to the download)


Frankenstein/Monster Genesis 3 Male
Furry Friends Genesis 3


G3M Tattoos
Genesis 3 Dark Elves
4 Dark Elf Mats, 1 Dark Elf Morph Spin Dial, 4 Eye Colors, 6 Fingernail Shades. These textures are in the Genesis 3 Male base UVmap so you will need to adjust accordingly for Genesis 3 Female. This is in DAZ Studio 4.7 Format so no Iray. To use these textures you need: DAZ Genesis 3 Male or Female, will also work with Genesis 8 Female. To use the Dark Elf Morph you need: (these are all from DAZ) Genesis 3 Head & Body Morphs, Fantastical Features for Genesis 3 Male or Female, HFS morphs Fantasy Shapes
Genesis 3 Male and Female Crystal Eyes Shader
Genesis Grey Materials - G3M


Heart shaped pupils
Located in My Library>People>Genesis 3 Female>Materials>dumbusers heart shaped eyes. But it should work on every G2,G3 or G8 based figure. Doesnt work on G1, but you can add textures manually under surfaces>genesis>iris-diffuse color.
Here Comes Dennis
36 Earth Tone & Spectrum Color skin tones for Genesis 1 & 2. 36 Earth Tone & Spectrum Color skin tones for Genesis 3. 35 Matching eye colors for Genesis 1 & 2


Joker Suicide Squad Tattoos G3M
Cosplay, GIMP
Joker Suicide Squad Tattoos G3M PNG
Cosplay, PNG


Lizardskin - Iray


Man from the Shadowside
MysticArtDesign Black Circles
The Lie tattoos works well on gf8 and gm8 ... also at gf3 and gm3!!! feel free to use it for commercial and non- commercial art ! content not for redistribution in part or in package, for free or for sale !!!!!!!
MysticArtDesign Dark Roots
It works at gf8, hm8, gf3 and gm3! Feel fee to make commercial and non-commercial art! Content is not for redistribution in part or as package , for free or for sale


Old man grey skin - G3M / G8M / Iray
there is also a morph slider for the face


Some spooky facial scars created for G3 and G8 M/F using Iray
scarface for G2 & G3
Serge Texture for Leo 7
Skin patches and complexions for G8
Style Eyes
Stylized Irises for G3F and G3M


Tattoo 001 MMKBG3M
Tattoo Add-on for GDU Erastus for Genesis 3 Male or
Tattoos "Paul" (G3F, G3M, Iray)
Tom for Genesis 3 Male
Tom is a character preset that is a head shape morph and comes with 4 textures. The preset also uses textures that are included with Genesis 3 Male. There are both Iray and 3DL presets.
Twizted Character Creation Kit
A Huge Character Creation Kit Resource that Contains 40 Different Skin Settings Shader Presets for Genesis 8 or Genesis 3 Figures!! All Settings are in IRAY Format ONLY and an Included Image Placement Example is Included to show where your Material Files Should go to Work best with this Resource. NO Material Files are Included This is just Settings


Yan's head for Genesis 3 Male(s)
It is head morph for your Genesis 3 Male(s) character with single Iray skin-eyes preset and attachment brow


ZdgGen7AltShaders Megapack01
AltShader presets for setting up scenes in 3delight.