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Textures, materials and shaders for Genesis 3 Male. Unless marked otherwise, these are usable in Daz Studio 4 Pro only, just like G3M himself.


ABC 3Delight Materials presets for G3M & G8M
The presets are for G3M & G8M, but the textures are not included, they must be purchased separately in my store: Alex, Benicio, Coilin
Anime Add-on Genesis 3
This kit includes: 14 Anime Eye Colors, 09 Anime Eye Solid Colors, 06 Eyelash Styles, 11 Eye Reflections
Anime Basics for Genesis 3
Anime Shaders for Genesis 3 & Anime Doll


Cale 4 G3M
This new character includes full textures, face morph, and 11 eye choices
Carved face for G2 & G3


Darius 7 Extra presets
LIE presets for Darius 7. Less glossy on lips, shaved face, a bit of shadow and a reset to default. or (Direct link to the download)


Frankenstein/Monster Gensis 3 Male
Furry Friends Genesis 3


G3M Tattoos
Genesis 3 Dark Elves
4 Dark Elf Mats, 1 Dark Elf Morph Spin Dial, 4 Eye Colors, 6 Fingernail Shades. These textures are in the Genesis 3 Male base UVmap so you will need to adjust accordingly for Genesis 3 Female. This is in DAZ Studio 4.7 Format so no Iray. To use these textures you need: DAZ Genesis 3 Male or Female, will also work with Genesis 8 Female. To use the Dark Elf Morph you need: (these are all from DAZ) Genesis 3 Head & Body Morphs, Fantastical Features for Genesis 3 Male or Female, HFS morphs Fantasy Shapes
Genesis 3 Male and Female Crystal Eyes Shader
Genesis Grey Materials - G3M


Here Comes Dennis
36 Earth Tone & Spectrum Color skin tones for Genesis 1 & 2. 36 Earth Tone & Spectrum Color skin tones for Genesis 3. 35 Matching eye colors for Genesis 1 & 2


Joker Suicide Squad Tattoos G3M
Cosplay, GIMP
Joker Suicide Squad Tattoos G3M PNG
Cosplay, PNG


Lizardskin - Iray


Man from the Shadowside


scarface for G2 & G3
Serge Texture for Leo 7
Style Eyes
Stylized Irises for G3F and G3M


Tattoo Add-on for GDU Erastus for Genesis 3 Male or
Tom for Genesis 3 Male
Tom is a character preset that is a head shape morph and comes with 4 textures. The preset also uses textures that are included with Genesis 3 Male. There are both Iray and 3DL presets.


ZdgGen7AltShaders Megapack01
AltShader presets for setting up scenes in 3delight.