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Character morphs and faces, creature morphs, and utility morphs for Genesis 3 Male.

See Famous People for morphs that look like celebrities. If any of the morphs here turn Genesis 3 Male into a recognizable famous person, those entries should be added to the Famous People list and marked as Cosplay resources on this list.

Many of these morphs require some or all of the following paid accessories:

When we know that a morph needs one or more of these paid resources, the resources will be listed on the morph's description page. However, not all morph downloads identify which if any of these paid resources are required, so their absence on a page does not guarantee that they are not required.

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0-9 edit

3W : AnterosIV : G3M
3W : Gideon : G3M
3W : Gus : G3M
3W : Solefier : G3M
3W : Takana : G3M
3W : Vaduhr : G3M
3W : Ygdra : G3M
3W : Yuri : G3M
5 Head Morphs for Genesis 3 Male

A edit

African couple for G3
AfroHead G3M 1
Alternate Head for Dante 7
Aoshi Shape Preset for G3M
Atlas for Genesis 3 Male
Atlas is a toon-style morph for Genesis 3 Male.

B edit

Barlow Face Morph for Genesis 3 Male
Big Bad John for Genesis 3 Male (Alpha Testing)
Cosplay Warning: This morph is not fully tested and isn't polished. You should know how to find and delete the morph before you install it, because I will be changing it. In most cases you can simply overwrite the previous files, but not always. This morph is loosely based on Blackbeard from One Piece.
Big Ears G3 Clan
Cosplay Star Trek
Body Morphs for Genesis 3 Male
These are a small collection of toon style body morphs. I removed the heads from some of my previous morphs and scaled them down in size. I will be adding more bodies to this item, so check back periodically if you're interested.

C edit

Cale 4 G3M
This new character includes full textures, face morph, and 11 eye choices
Captain Nemo for G3M
Caricature Heads for Genesis 3 Male (Set #1)
I got an idea from one of the commenters: Caricatures. This is the first stage of realizing that idea. Note that I did not increase the size of the heads, only exaggerated them. Also note that these dial from -30 to 100, and not 0 to 100, so that you can pull back some of the exaggeration for interesting effects. Use the search to find 'Caricature' in the Shaping section.
CHRISTMAS ELF for Genesis 3 Male
Cole for G3M
https://www.sharecg.com/v/88394/ or https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/cole-for-genesis-3-male/77354

D edit

F edit

Fallon for Genesis 3 Male
Cosplay Another One Piece inspired morph, although I cannot recall the body shape that inspired it.
Femboy Body Morph G3-G8 - Reupload
Free Belly Button Morphs for Genesis 3 Male(s) & Female(s)
https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/170691/free-belly-button-morphs-for-genesis-3-male-s-female-s OR https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/free-belly-button-morphs-for-genesis-3-female-s-and-male-s-/77334 OR https://community.hivewire3d.com/resources/free-belly-button-morphs-for-genesis-3.72/
Fukurokuju for Genesis 3 Male
Fukurokuju is a sennin (immortal hermit) and one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan. He is the syncretic fusion of three Chinese Star Gods (Fu, Lu and Shou), the god of longevity and immortality, and the personification of the South Polar Star. He is very often seen with a tortoise or crane, symbolic animals of longevity.
Funny goblins for G3M

G edit

G 3 Male (Shape Dwarf) 1
Requirements : Genesis 3 Male Head Morphs Genesis 3 Male Body Morphs
G3M Zom Alien Morph For Genesis3 male
Genesis 3 Dark Elves
4 Dark Elf Mats, 1 Dark Elf Morph Spin Dial, 4 Eye Colors, 6 Fingernail Shades. These textures are in the Genesis 3 Male base UVmap so you will need to adjust accordingly for Genesis 3 Female. This is in DAZ Studio 4.7 Format so no Iray. To use these textures you need: DAZ Genesis 3 Male or Female, will also work with Genesis 8 Female. To use the Dark Elf Morph you need: (these are all from DAZ) Genesis 3 Male Head Morphs, Genesis 3 Male Body Morphs, Fantastical Features for Genesis 3 Male or Female, HFS morphs Fantasy Shapes
Genesis 3 Iris Morphs
Genesis 3 Teen Morph Max
https://www.sharecg.com/v/82791/ OR https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/genesis-3-teen-morph-max/75852
Grizzlymen Morph Package for Genesis 3 and 8 Males
Grizzlymen is a set of 98 individual neck/head/face morphs for Genesis 3 and 8 males created exclusively with Daz dformers.
Guy 7 morphs
Guyo Character
This kit includes: 1 Guyo Character, 1 Guyo Mat. This is a bit of an experiment. I have not released any real anime characters for Genesis 3 Male since my creations utilize the GenX 2 and GenX 3 program to transfer morphs from Genesis or Genesis 2. If you just want to utilize the enclosed texture you don’t need the morphs. Does not include Hair or Clothing. This is in DAZ Studio 4.9. To use the spin dial character you will need: DAZ Genesis 3 Male, Genesis 3 Male Morphs, HFS Fantasy Shapes for Genesis 3 Male(s). For the head anime effect you need: Genx 2, Genx 3, Ghastly’s Big Eye anime head morph

H edit

hero for G3M
Hero shape for G3M
You need the following products: www.daz3d.com/m3d-hero-7-hd-shapes-for-michael-7 www.daz3d.com/hercules-hd-for-genesis-3-male
Hot Mugs Jaxon
This free pack contains one Jaxon head morph intended for Genesis 3 male base. Morph only, skin texture and hair not included. Requires Genesis base male and Genesis 3 Male Head Morphs.
Hotei for Genesis 3 Male
Hotei is a Buddhist deity and one of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Japanese mythology. He is often mistaken for Buddha himself, because of his associations with Maitreya. According to legend, he was once an eccentric Chan monk, always laughing and smiling, and offering bits of wisdom to those who encountered him. Statues of him can be found throughout SE Asia, and it is said to be good luck to rub his belly.

J edit

K edit

Khaarni Alien Head for G2M & G3M

L edit

Lucian Smoothing Morphs + Bonus!

M edit

Male Genesis Head Morph
Max for G3M
Megaton for Genesis 3 Male
Cosplay: One Piece - This morph is loosely based on Luffy's 'Gear Fourth'
Morph G3 - M+F
Morph G3

N edit

Neil - Head morph for Genesis 3 Male
Not a cookie cutter type for G3M

O edit

Old man grey skin - G3M / G8M / Iray
there is also a morph slider for the face

P edit

Adaptation of Poses_Presets for Genesis_G2F_G2M to G3F and G3M. 2 headings, sexy and statues, the latter adapted from existing statues + OBJ : the feathers for cabaret3, to relate (to Parent) to each hand. The Gorgone, for perseus. Shaping for some characters
https://www.sharecg.com/v/90945/ or https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/pack-poses-presets-g3f-g3m/79051

R edit

Rick for M7 (Character Preset)
This is merely a character preset that uses existing Michael 7 textures and M7/G3M morph packs. No custom morphs or textures are inlucluded!

S edit

Scott A for G3M
Character preset. As always, All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental....so to say. probably Cosplay
Sojiro Character Preset
This is a shape preset, so materials aren't included. Required: FWSA Fujio HD for Kenji 7 & Kenji 7, Genesis 3 Male Body Morphs & Genesis 3 Male Head Morphs. TRANSFERRED VIA GENX : AnimeHead | Dialed 0.63 | Anime Head for Genesis 3 Female by Tofusan
Stanley for Genesis 3 Male
Steve for G3M
Cosplay Chris Evans (actor)

T edit

Tom for Genesis 3 Male
Tom is a character preset that is a head shape morph and comes with 4 textures. The preset also uses textures that are included with Genesis 3 Male. There are both Iray and 3DL presets.
Tony for G3M
Cosplay Robert Downey Jr.
Tower for Genesis 3 Male
Cosplay Tower is a morph loosely based on the body of Jesus Burgess (One Piece).

V edit

X edit

Xander for G3M
He is specifically designed to match the UVs of Elijah 7. He comes with a completely unique face morph, texture package, and 5 eye colors.

Y edit

Yan's head for Genesis 3 Male(s)
It is head morph for your Genesis 3 Male(s) character with single Iray skin-eyes preset and attachment brow