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Character morphs and faces, creature morphs, and utility morphs for Genesis 8 Female.

See Famous People for morphs that look like celebrities. If any of the morphs here turn Genesis 8 Female into a recognizable famous person, those entries should be added to the Famous People list and marked as Cosplay resources on this list.

Many of these morphs require some or all of the following paid accessories:

When we know that a morph needs one or more of these paid resources, the resources will be listed on the morph's description page. However, not all morph downloads identify which if any of these paid resources are required, so their absence on a page does not guarantee that they are not required.


Amy Anime Head for Genesis 8 Female
Updates can be downloaded from AmyAiMeiMorphsG8F
EA Free Faces for Genesis 8 & 3 Female #1
EA Free Faces for Genesis 8 & 3 Female #2
Roxy for Genesis8Female


Acindina for G8F & Dress
This new package is two packages in one. First, there is Acindina herself, which means "safe." Acindina comes with 13 eye choices and 10 makeup options. Second, there is the Acindina dress. The Acindina dress comes with 10 different texture sets. Furthermore, there are morphs for the dress including four spin morphs (one overall, one that controls the bottom, one controls the middle, and one controls the top). See the folder documentation for the link to the dress. It’s too big for ShareCG.
Ainara for Genesis 8 Female
Morphs only
Aminata for G8F /Monique 8
Morphs only
Amy AiMei for Genesis 8 Female (morphs only)
Female plus for genesis 8 female
The morph was sculpted using Genesis 8 female base mesh, no other additional resourse or morph was used. The morph includes modification for the face and body or or
haru for Girl8
Face and Body morph only
Laura from Family Matters or Kellie Shanygne Williams for Genesis 8
Cosplay. This is a character preset so in order to make her look like this you must have Latonya 8, Genesis 8 Female Head & Body Morphs, and 200 plus Head and Face Morphs for Genesis 8 Female from The material is not included in this folder. or
Mel for Sakura 8 with no fisheye
Tayanna - Free Character for G8F
1 Base skin texture and eyelash texture - Iray only. 1 Full body morph, created in Blender
Tika for G8F



Other Non-Human Characters[edit]

Other Morphs[edit]

Classic Cleavage - G8F
Elf Ears for G8F & G8M or
FaceShifter For Genesis 8 Female
G8F amputee arms / amputée
G8F amputee legs / amputée
Genesis 8 Female MMD body
MA G8F Torso Morphs 01
This is the Mythos Arcane Genesis 8 Female Torso Morphs 01. This freebie installment includes eight nipple morphs of varying sizes and shapes.
My Shape
Use before dressing G8F with shorts, trousers etc. or
Mythos Arcane G8F Spine Morphs
Osuine Elven Add-on
This is a free add-on developed for my Osuine character, but usable with many other characters as well. It contains 1 fantasy ear morph for G8F that won't distort hair, 6 fantasy skin tone presets for any "scatter and transmit" translucency shader and 5 glowing fantasy eyes for any G8 figure.
SY 200 Morphs for Genesis 8 Head and Body
Vampire teeth for G8F
Zeffry Anime
This kit includes: - 1 Skin Mat Genesis 8 - 1 Zeffry Body Morph (Genesis 8 Male Body) - 1 Zeffry Head Morph (Genesis 8 Female Head)
Fair Warning: this is a bit of an experiment and I am posting this as an FYI to fans of anime who want to use Genesis 8 Male and have a more masculine looking anime figure. This is probably intended for those who are at least intermediate users of DAZ Studio. I am not the best person for writing instructions since I have to stop and think from the perspective of someone who has no idea of how I accomplished this feat.
This is an alternative to creating a male morph for Genesis 8 Female or trying to make her look more masculine with existing morphs.
1. Load Genesis 8 Female
2. Apply No Body for G8F by 3Doutlaw so that only Genesis 8 Female Head is showing
3. At this point I recommend applying the Zeffry Head Morph to G8F head & loading Sakura 8 Eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes
4. Load Genesis 8 Male
5. Parent G8F Head to Genesis 8 Male Head
6. Select Genesis 8 Male body and apply Zeffry Body Morph
7. Apply Zeffry Skin Mat to both Genesis 8 Figures and the No Body for G8F by 3Doutlaw
8. Apply Eye Mat to Sakura 8 Eyes
9. I recommend saving your final product as a scene subset so you don't have to go through these steps everytime you want to use the character
Please Note that the No Body Skin Graft only accepts Genesis 8 Base UVMaps this is why I included a Basic Skin Mat in this kit. You can use a color diffuser to make the skin color darker such as the ones included with Toon Generations by 3D Universe
Does not include Hair, Clothing, or props
This is in DAZ Studio 4.9 Format
To use this Kit you need: - Genesis 8 Male (from DAZ Studio) - Genesis 8 Female (from DAZ Studio) - Sakura 8 (from DAZ Studio) - Genesis 8 Male Body Morphs (from DAZ Studio) - No Body for G8F by 3Doutlaw from 3Doutlaw website under Freebies