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Note: There may be more hairstyles for Genesis 8 Female listed on the main Hair pages.

Convert Clothing G3 to G8, G8 to G3 also describes how to fit hair made for Genesis 3 Female to Genesis 8 Female.


Android Hair for Genesis 8 Female
Cosplay Comes with a complimentary blindfold
QUICK COLORS for Android Hair for Genesis 8 Female (G8F)
Anime Ponytail G8F
Buttons Character and Hair
Couettes pour G8F
dForce_French Twist Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s)
dForce_French Twist Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s)
dForce Hair ((the side bangs are dynamic)) for G8F. It is an updo style with a french twist taste. Comes in 6 colors, & a "rigid follow-node" hair clip with 6 colors options & few presets to hide the side bangs, & morphs to adjust the hair to fit under hats (specially a hat made for a product will be soon available in Renderosity Marketplace)
Desert Champion for G8F - 100% FREE
EA Beanie with Hair for G8F & G3F
EA Sidecut Hait for Genesis 3 & 8 Femela(s)
EA Sidecut Hait for Genesis 3 & 8 Femela(s)
Einfaches Haar für G3F und G8F or SmidA - Simple Hair
Simple hair for G3F and G8F,
Einfaches Haar für G3F und G8F or SmidA - Simple Hair
einfaches Haar 02 or SmidA - G3+8F - Simple Hair 02
Simple hair for G3F and G8F, suited especially for Manga characters


Free Vellus Hair for Genesis 8 Female
Hair Caps For Genesis 8 or 3 Female and Male


Major Hair for G8F with Bonus Prop
Cosplay Also comes with the tactical visor prop you see in the promo image
Noelle Hair


Rockabilly Noir for the Genesis Clans
DazStudio only. G2F, G3F and G8F
Short hair for Genesis 8 Female
After a good amount of experimentation with the new Iray strand hair, I came up with this hair that i'm happy with. It doesn't have multiple options for materials (I'm still figuring out that part of the hair) or shapes though (it's not to hard to change it's shape to what you need at least) .
Stuff to note:
1. It's seperated into 2 items in order to not have a massive part of the hair sticking out.
2. For some reason, it doesn't automatically fit to the figure, that can easily be fixed though by pressing "fit to".
3. It may seem at first like it isn't following the head (especially if you're not using the default figure) , but just move the figure a tiny bit and it should work.
Side swept rose hair g3f g8f
Side Swept ROse Hair
for DAZ Genesis 3 & Genesis 8 Female(s) or and
Straw-hat-with Hair for Dazstudio G8 female Iray
Tavern Wench for G8F
Includes: Dress, Stockings with garter belt, Shoes, Panties, Hair
Techno Weasel Hair for G8F
Cosplay or

Resources for Paid Hair[edit]

Sorted by the name of the paid hairdo.

Classic Long Hair with dForce for Genesis 8 Female(s)
Classic Long Hair morphs for G8F base Poses
Double Tails Hair Base morphs
for Double Tails Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s). These free morphs are for the G8F version only


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