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Full-Body Textures[edit]

Cosplay for Charlotte Mckinney - Full Head/Body Morphs for G8F
Full Body Diffuse Overlay Colors
This Set contains 10 Full Body Diffuse Overlay Colors and 4 Opacity Options and Remove Overlay Option. Is Made for Genesis 8 Female but will work with Genesis 3 Female. Colors can be changed Manually. See Read Me for Instructions!
Real Deal for Genesis 8 Female
4 Morphs, 4 Diffuse Textures, 4 Bump Maps, 4 Normal Maps, Uses Strand Hair requires Daz studio version 4.10

Non-Human Textures[edit]

Cosplay The Displacement map can only be seen when rendering. The freebie comes as a Fan art of the movie … Ghost in the shell … with Geisha make-up and cute Geisha tattoos on body and wrist as LIE.

Partial Textures[edit]


Heart shaped pupils
Located in My Library>People>Genesis 3 Female>Materials>dumbusers heart shaped eyes. But it should work on every G2,G3 or G8 based figure. Doesnt work on G1, but you can add textures manually under surfaces>genesis>iris-diffuse color.


2 LipSticks for Genesis figures
Flo Makeup For Genesis 8 Females
Genesis 8 Female Makeup Kit 1 - Lips and Eyeliner
Genesis 8 makeup LIE Collection


Body-Tattoos (G3F, G8F) (Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)
Chinese Light
Chinese Metall Tattoo
Here is my new freebie „Chinese Metall Tattoo“! for GF8(work on GM8 as well)
Cosplay Tattoos for Cynthia for G8F
Cute & Cool Rabbit Tattoos
Made for "Kawaii- Anime" render und "Asien - Style". Tattoos are LIE and work on GF/GM3 and GF/GM8
Cute Boy/Girl Comic Tattoosby MysticArtDesign 08/2
Here is my new freebie „Cute Boy Comic Tattoos“! for GM8(work on GF8 as well) The Tattoos are LIE.
Cute Rainbow Tattoos
Here is my new freebie „Cute RainbowTattoos Tattoos“! for GF8(work on GM8 as well) The Tattoos are LIE.
Fairie Garden Tattoos
Henna Scars
Here is my new freebie „Henna Scars“! for GF8(work on GM8. The maps for hands and feet do not fit one hundred percent but those for body already)
Henna Tattoo
Here is my new freebie „Henna Tattoos“! for GF8(work on GM8 as well)
Light Tattoos
Mystical Flowers
The tattoos are LIE to use on every Gf8 character ( G3 worked too)
MysticArtDesign Black Circles
The Lie tattoos works well on gf8 and gm8 ... also at gf3 and gm3!!! feel free to use it for commercial and non- commercial art ! content not for redistribution in part or in package, for free or for sale !!!!!!!
MysticArtDesign Dark Roots
It works at gf8, hm8, gf3 and gm3! Feel fee to make commercial and non-commercial art! Content is not for redistribution in part or as package , for free or for sale
Mysticartdesigns Magic Tattoos
Snake Worrior Tattoo for GM8
Here is my new freebie „Snake Warrior Tattoos“! for GM8(work on GF8 as well) The Tattoos are LIE.
Tattoos for Isobel Redley & Genesis 8 Female InTheFlesh Gumroad shop


Freckles for Genesis 8 Female
Includes 7 Custom Morphs, 8 Diffuse Textures, 4 Bump Maps, 2 Normal Maps

Second Skin Clothing[edit]

Other Textures[edit]

Black Eye Set
Bloody Vampires
it comes with 5 LIEs. 1 Charakter shape and one Skin Shader. please read the readme!!!! you need a morph pack to youse my shape. the morph is a freebie here from LIE are working on G8M, G8F, G3M and G3F or
Dirt & Abrasions
LIE. Redness, abrasions and dirt.
Helena Promo Makeup
Free promo makeup used on Mei Lin 8 (requires Mei Lin 8 purchase)
Skin Bump 8k
Skin patches and complexions for G8
Somewhat better skin for Genesis 8 Female
Makes the color of the Genesis 8 Female (Base Figure) less mustard-ish, and closer to regular skin color, without needing to use light sources that have increased temperature. Currently includes one material, may work on a darker skin color at some point.
SWT Dirty Skins (Version A) for Genesis 8 Females
SWT Dirty Skins (Version B) for Genesis 8 & 3 Females
Twizted Character Creation Kit
A Huge Character Creation Kit Resource that Contains 40 Different Skin Settings Shader Presets for Genesis 8 or Genesis 3 Figures!! All Settings are in IRAY Format ONLY and an Included Image Placement Example is Included to show where your Material Files Should go to Work best with this Resource. NO Material Files are Included This is just Settings
War Paint For G8