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Job Uniforms[edit]

Gothic maid Outfits for Genesis 8 Female
Mercenary Outfit for Genesis 8 Female or or
Miko for G8F
Military Uniform for Genesis 8 Female's
("sexy soldier", not a military uniform) Files included: 1. Military Briefs(duf) 2. Military Dress (duf) 3. Military Shirt (duf) 4. Military Socks (duf) 5. Military Watch (duf) 6. 7 Material Presets (duf)
ship's uniform for dazstudio iray g8 female[dead link]

Sports Uniforms[edit]

Athletics Uniform G8F


Red Viper's Heart Catch outfits for G8F
Cosplay: HeartCatch PreCure!
Sailor Saturn for g8f (dForce)
(Cosplay: Sailor Moon)