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Character morphs and faces, creature morphs, and utility morphs for Genesis 8 Male.

See Famous People for morphs that look like celebrities. If any of the morphs here turn Genesis 8 Male into a recognizable famous person, those entries should be added to the Famous People list and marked as Cosplay resources on this list.

Many of these morphs require some or all of the following paid accessories:

When we know that a morph needs one or more of these paid resources, the resources will be listed on the morph's description page. However, not all morph downloads identify which if any of these paid resources are required, so their absence on a page does not guarantee that they are not required.


G8M Faces 2
Michael Collins Face Morph (G8M)


Celebrity Look Alike 01
Cosplay. REQUIREMENTS: Michael 8 and all that comes with him (Hard Requirement), Kincaid for Genesis 8 Male (Hard Requirement), Mon Chevalier Hair by Neftis (Optional, for more accurate representation), Mjolnir (Optional, should be here on this site), WHAT'S INCLUDED: There are two face textures, one with a beard (For those whose computers are too slow to use fibermesh beards). M8 skin textures are required for these presets to work and Kincaid for eye texture. Full body morph located in Actor/Full Body/People/Real World, in case anyone was wondering where to find the morph. A fully loadable character for faster usage located in the Character folder under LadyKazuWorks. There is also an included gen file, but I'll let you decide what to do with those ;)
Celebrity Look Alike 02
Cosplay. You are going to have to have the following: Novak for Genesis 8 Male by FaberInc (Major Requirement), EJ Jeremiah for Michael 8 by Emma and Jordi (Major Requirement), Super Natural Brows Merchant Resource for Genesis 8 and 3 Male by RedzStudio (Minor Requirement), CC Beard Boss for Genesis 8 Male by ChangelingChick (Minor Requirement); What's included? Glad you asked! Character Preset (Easier than loading up G8M), Material Preset, One preset for CC Beard Boss, One Preset for Super Natural Brows, a hair prop (it loads on his head, just parent it!)
Dante DMC5 Full Morph for G8M
Cosplay Dante Devil May Cry 5 for Genesis 8 Male by InTheFlesh. Combined head and body morph. No textures or hair, no JCM.
G8M - Skin & Facemorph "Henning"
Registration required
Mikaelo for Michael 8
For Mikaelo to work properly, you need to have Michael 8 (logically), Bernat G8M and ABC Genetics


Other Morphs[edit]

Elf Ears for G8F & G8M or
Femboy Body Morph G3-G8 - Reupload
SY 200 Morphs for Genesis 8 Head and Body