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Axel (Lea) for Kyllian and Genesis 8 Male
includes hair
Bad Hair Day GM8
Celebrity Look Alike 02
Cosplay. You are going to have to have the following: Novak for Genesis 8 Male by FaberInc (Major Requirement), EJ Jeremiah for Michael 8 by Emma and Jordi (Major Requirement), Super Natural Brows Merchant Resource for Genesis 8 and 3 Male by RedzStudio (Minor Requirement), CC Beard Boss for Genesis 8 Male by ChangelingChick (Minor Requirement); What's included? Glad you asked! Character Preset (Easier than loading up G8M), Material Preset, One preset for CC Beard Boss, One Preset for Super Natural Brows, a hair prop (it loads on his head, just parent it!)
Celebrity Look Alike 03
Cosplay Final Fantasy XV. There is a hair prop and material for both the character and his gens, however, I forgot to create a gens mat preset, but for all those who use the Dicktator, as I do, that really isn't a problem!
cheveux chauve pour G8M
Dante DMC5 Free Eyebrows for Genesis 8 Male
Dante DMC5 Free Stubble for Genesis 8 Male
dForce Myles Beard for Genesis 8 Male(s)
Everyday Hair Style for Genesis 8 Male(s)
Stylish light-weight Short Hair & Beard for Genesis 8 Male characters.


G8M Strand Based Hair Goatee Day 6
Hair Caps For Genesis 8 or 3 Female and Male


A Mans Wool
for [Genesis 3 Male] and [Genesis 8 Male] (Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)
Modular Facial Hair G8M
Nero DMC5 Free Hair For G8M


Pirate's Braid
for [Genesis 3 Male] and [Genesis 8 Male]
So-oldier Hair for G8M or
Strand- Based Fringe Hair For G8M
Testing Hair for Genesis 8 Male


Unshaven beard for Genesis 8 Male
V Devil May Cry 5 Hair Prop for Genesis 8 Male
Walther 2.0 simple hair for G8M
Water Tribe Hair For G8M
Wizard Beard

Resources for Paid Hair[edit]

Glyn Hair fit for Phx Sean for Michael 8