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Full-Body Textures[edit]

LK Skin Merchant Resource for G8M (Freebie) or
New G8M Skins @Lucrarte DEMO
Old man grey skin - G3M / G8M / Iray
there is also a morph slider for the face
Skin and Facemorph "Henning" / G8M / Iray

Non-Human Textures[edit]

Green and Vein Skin for Genesis 8 Male or
Lizardskin - Iray

Partial Textures[edit]


33 Eyes Materials for the Genesis 8 + 8.1 people or
Eye Materials for Genesis 8 + 8.1 Male or
Heart shaped pupils
Located in My Library>People>Genesis 3 Female>Materials>dumbusers heart shaped eyes. But it should work on every G2,G3 or G8 based figure. Doesnt work on G1, but you can add textures manually under surfaces>genesis>iris-diffuse color.
Sharingan eyes for G8 male


Allen's face mark - lray
Cosplay Face mark inspired by Allen Walker in D.Gray man
Make Up Halloween2020 Freebie G8Male


Chinese Metall Tattoo
Here is my new freebie „Chinese Metall Tattoo“! for GF8(work on GM8 as well)
Cute & Cool Rabbit Tattoos
Made for "Kawaii- Anime" render und "Asien - Style". Tattoos are LIE and work on GF/GM3 and GF/GM8
Cute Boy/Girl Comic Tattoosby MysticArtDesign 08/2
Here is my new freebie „Cute Boy Comic Tattoos“! for GM8(work on GF8 as well) The Tattoos are LIE.
Cute Rainbow Tattoos
Here is my new freebie „Cute RainbowTattoos Tattoos“! for GF8(work on GM8 as well) The Tattoos are LIE.
Henna Scars
Here is my new freebie „Henna Scars“! for GF8(work on GM8. The maps for hands and feet do not fit one hundred percent but those for body already)
Henna Tattoo
Here is my new freebie „Henna Tattoos“! for GF8(work on GM8 as well)
MysticArtDesign Black Circles
The Lie tattoos works well on gf8 and gm8 ... also at gf3 and gm3!!! feel free to use it for commercial and non- commercial art ! content not for redistribution in part or in package, for free or for sale !!!!!!!
MysticArtDesign Dark Roots
It works at gf8, hm8, gf3 and gm3! Feel fee to make commercial and non-commercial art! Content is not for redistribution in part or as package , for free or for sale
Mysticartdesigns Magic Tattoos
Snake Worrior Tattoo for GM8
Here is my new freebie „Snake Warrior Tattoos“! for GM8(work on GF8 as well) The Tattoos are LIE.
Unisex tattoo for G8 - lray only


Other Textures[edit]

Black Eye Set
Chakra Flow Tattoos
Chakra flow tattoos for G8M & G8F with an option to make them glow.
Dirt & Abrasions
LIE. Redness, abrasions and dirt.
LIE Preset for Phx Gregory for Genesis 8 Male non-free content
Some spooky facial scars created for G3 and G8 M/F using Iray
Skin patches and complexions for G8
Twizted Character Creation Kit
A Huge Character Creation Kit Resource that Contains 40 Different Skin Settings Shader Presets for Genesis 8 or Genesis 3 Figures!! All Settings are in IRAY Format ONLY and an Included Image Placement Example is Included to show where your Material Files Should go to Work best with this Resource. NO Material Files are Included This is just Settings
War Paint For G8