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Poses and Expressions for Genesis 8 Male, either on their own or with props.

Unless marked otherwise, these are usable in Daz Studio only (just like G8M himself).


5 Couple poses for Genesis 8 or 5 Free Genesis 8 couple pose presets or
5 poses for VWgolf
for G8F and G8M and Volkswagen Golf 5 portes


Anthropomorphs - Chimpanzee (Sitting 1)
On the basis of Genesis 8 Male, Growing up (5-6 ans) Anthropomorphs - Chimpanzee for G8M Daz Store by AM
At The Helm poses for Merchant Airship DS and Genesis 8 Figures
bath / baignoire
Daz studio. Bathtub. Includes a pose for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male
bed / lit
Daz Studio or
bed a couple pose / lit : pose pour un couple or
bed a second couple pose / lit : deuxième pose pour un couple or
Big Bill Truck Poses G3 & G8
for Big Bill Truck
The Brawl! Poses for G8M
Bus Poses for G3 & G8
for Bus Maxis and Bus Pegasus
Camera Poses
This kit includes: - 9 Camera Poses for G3F and G8F - 4 Male Model Poses for G3M and G8M. These Camera poses are artist in nature and not meant to be realistic. These are basic and will need to be tweaked based upon how tall/short your character is. I created these poses using the Genesis 3/8 Base Model. My character is a freelance photographer, so I created a few poses so I could position her. These poses work with FG Photo Studio from DAZ
Captured by lianas (for The Brute 8)
you also need the liana from
Catching - Hero vs. Orc
You need The Brute 8 and Orc 8, but it works without them too, but there are some little adjustments neccessary then. It's good to have SimonWM's Swole-Sets for G8M too.
Chariot élévateur
Daz Studio. Forklift. Includes 2 poses for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male
Christmas Heart
circus trapeze
DazStudio. The trapeze, a pose for G8F and a pose for G8M or
Cool Dude G8M Poses
Cool Dude G8M Poses 2
une coupe pour les champions
Daz Studio. The cup and poses for G8F and G8M
Darkest Dungeon - Medieval Mood - 100% FREE
Daz Studio. 13 fantasy-friendly light sources - 3 candles, 3 torches, 3 braziers, 3 lanterns, and 1 chandelier - all using ghost lights to maximize your light without over-exposing those cleansing fires. 6 wall hangers to mount those torches and lanterns securely and within reach. 36 snap-to presets to quickly position your handheld and wall-mounted light sources. 16 G8 hand poses to make sure your lanterns, torches, and candles are safely in-hand. 5 full-body poses (plus 5 mirror poses) to get you into the delving even faster. And a few more extras!
Dinner Time Poses Genesis 8
I created these poses using Ziggies Model Emporium's Highchair and accessories. Does not include Hair, Clothing, Morphs. or props This is in DAZ Studio 4.9 Format To use these Poses you need: - Genesis Genesis 8 Male or Female - Baby Caryn or Baby Tobyn (from DAZ) - Toddler 8 from Genesis 8 Baby Kit (recommended) - ZME ToonB Props


FaceShifter For Genesis 8 Male
A collection of 48 Facial Expressions for Genesis 8 Male. Custom sculpted based on FACS (Facial Action Coding System), these expressions will add additional realism to your facial animations or poses. Use individually, or combine with other expressions for increased flexibility. Originally optimized for Faceshift with 1 to 1 mapping for easy import, but can be used for many other purposes. Shaping Presets for the expressions will show in the Content Library under People\Genesis 8 Male\Expressions\InTheFlesh\FaceShifter G8M Expressions can be found in Parameters\Genesis 8 Male\Pose Controls\Head\Expressions\FaceShifter G8M
Fantasy Sword Poses G3M & G8M
Four Men on a Couch: G8M Poses
Free Poses for Techno-Wizard Weapons - SW
There are 2 poses per weapon for a total of 6 - Poses are for G3+8 (F+M) or
french kiss
pose for G8F and G8M
G8 & G3 Motorcyle Poses
for E-Bike, Motorbike Viking and Yamaki FDR2 Fusion
G8M rap
Glamour Poses for G3M&G8M
for Yamaki GTX-R
Guitar for Daz studio and G8 Pose preset
Harakiri pose for Genesis 8 Male
Hospital bed / Lit d hopital
Daz Studio. Includes poses for G8F and G8M
Hybrid Pursuit
DazStudio. The Hybrid Pursuit has a hybrid, electro-hydraulic drive train. Totally fictional, but visually convincing enough to add some diversity to your Future-Fantasy, Sci-Fi or CyberPunk themed scenes. The Hybrid Pursuit was carefully made, with Iray material presets in Patrol, Highway and "Rogue (plain)" police styles. All but the default Patrol mats come in both decalled and plain layouts. The Pursuit Kit is a separate rigged wearable prop, allowing this bike to be used as a civillian/outlaw vehicle. L.I.E Decal presets are also included. This set comes with sixteen basic poses for Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female (8 for each character). The wearable load presets will load both the basic Hybrid Pursuit bike and/or the bike with full Pursuit Kit to the respective characters. The characters will be automatically posed with the bike upon loading (wearable preset/s) posed in the default riding position. As parented props, the included H-Poses will pose both characters and bike respectively. The Hybrid Pursuit and Pursuit Kit are both fully rigged. In the Parameters Tad of each prop, you will find a comprehensive set of Pose Controllers, which will give you a heap of posing options. From wheel-standing down to pushing all the buttons and switches. The stand-out feature would have to be the poseable foot pegs mounts, that adjust from forward to backwards into a high-speed riding position. With adjustable handlebars included, any character can sit/lay on this thing.
iCan COMPETE Sports Poses for The Brute 8 (G8M) or
iCan DANCE 2-Pose Sampler Pack for Genesis 8 Male (G8M)
iCan-SPY Bonus Pack Poses for TB8 and TD8
2 additional poses for iCan Spy for both The Brute 8 and Toon Dwayne 8


Love is Love for G8M
This is an updated version of my Love is Love for G3M. This includes the original poses plus new ones for G8M and 8 expression files as well.

"on all fours"
posing preset for all genesis characters g1, g2f, g2m, g3f, g3m, g8f, g8m


Pokepose SAMPLE
Poses Like an Egyptian - Michaels
The most unique set of Michael poses ever. There are 8 poses, one each for M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, & P8 G2. All are posed like the Egyptian painting style showing heads & legs as a side view & the torso and arms as a frontal view.
Ring, a ring of roses...
...a pocket full of poses...tishoo!! tishoo!!we all download...Some mixed poses for genesis figures Ive made over time...
scale for dazstudio iray and pose for g8 female and male
Scrubber Cloth & Bucket for DS
DazStudio. Contains a scrubber, cloth and three forms of buckets including materials. Cloth's are basically planes distorted by dForce into various shapes. Buckets are Sets composed of a Bucket and a rotating Handle. Scrubber comes in a compact form (Prop) and a composite form (Set), so components can be resized independently in the latter. In addition there are a few poses for G8F and G8M mainly designed to grasp Bucket or Scrubber (See ReadMe).
skateboard / planche à roulette
DazStudio. skateboard and poses for G8F and G8M, the wheels of the board are mobile
Smartphone Poses
This kit includes 9 Poses for G3M, 9 Poses for G8M, 9 Poses for iPhone X
SN Be Mine Poses
A set of romantic poses for gay couple Michael 8/Michael 8.
SN Cowboys Poses
This is actually one of my earlier pose sets that I ever made, but I finally decided to clean it up and release so that I can add it to my growing set of M/M poses. It includes 12 couples poses, some romantic, some not, and include poses for Horse 2, Western Saddle/reins, Daz Lamb, and Denver the calf. The calf is pretty awkward to pose. I hope you enjoy the fun.
SN Daddies II
This is a set of 10 poses to use with Michael 8/Michael 8 as a couple with their baby Tobyn. Some of them are couples, some are just single daddy/baby poses. I use a few props for the baby which can be purchased elsewhere, however any similar prop should work just as well. Have fun.
SN Dressing Up Poses for Michael 8
SN Grooms Poses for Michael 8
SN I love U Poses
SN It's Complicated Poses
SN Mistletoe Kisses
SN My Man Poses
SN Skater King Poses for Michael 8
Included are 10 poses including 2 couples poses for Michael 8/Michael 8. All my poses are absolutely free without attribution. You will need roller skates to use this set- I used the Derby Girl roller skates at DAZ store, but any skates should work.
SN Soulmates Poses Part I
SN Summer Blues Poses
STEERING AIRSHIP Pose for Genesis 8 Male (G8M) and Elven Zeppelin DS
Storage House Poses - #02 for G8F and #03 for G8M
"STRONG" for G8M Character Morph & Pose
Tacky Tourist Poses 1
12 Tacky Tourist Poses for Genesis 3 & 8 Figures


how I proceeded before creating the poses: 1 I applied the pose to G8F and G8M 2 I applied, MANDATORY, on G8F and G8M, the script Normally, once the pose created, no more need to do this manipulation, provided that it is on the same character. For a new one, one must apply manipulation. For Vampirella, application of morph Vampire teeth of Guy91600, clothing JG Vampi, For Vampirello, application of morph Vampire teeth of Guy91600, cape_OBJ for vampirello, or
Poses, materials, cameras. How I proceeded before creating the poses: 1 I applied the pose to G8M or G8F 2 I applied, MANDATORY, on G8F or G8M, the Normally, once the pose created, no more need to do this manipulation, provided that it is on the same character. for a new one, one must apply manipulation. For Vampirella_1, application of morph Vampire teeth of Guy91600, for Vampirello_1, application of morph Vampire teeth of Guy91600, cape for vampirello_1 (select it before loading the cape), adapted from the cape for Superman, or
Vehicle Poses for Genesis 3 and 8
for Car Boss, Car Ranger, Car Roland and Pickup Dred
VIGILANT PREPARATION Pose, Walking Tower Bridge G8 or
VIGILANT PREPARATION Poses, Climbing Up Stairs G8F/G8M and Gatehouse DS or
VIGILANT PREPARATION Poses, Opening Armory Door G8F/G8M and Gatehouse Daz Studio or
VIGILANT PREPARATION Poses, Tower Lookout North for G8F/G8M and Gatehouse DS or
VIGILANT PREPARATION Poses, Tower Lookout South G8F/G8M and Gatehouse DS or
VIGILANT PREPARATION Poses, Walking Down Stairs G8F/G8M and Gatehouse Daz Studio or
VIGILANT PREPARATION Poses, Walking Tower Floor G8F/G8M and Gatehouse Daz Studio or
Words VII
DazStudio. There are words: X,MAS + 1 Pose-G8F/G8M
Wheelchair for Daz Studio
Traditional wheelchair for use in Daz Studio. Tested only in version 4.12 on Windows. Wheels rigged with controls to rotate; front wheels also rigged to swivel. Controls found under Parameters/General/Movements. Materials (Iray only) based on default Daz Studio materials. Seated poses included, one each for base G8F and base G8M.