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One-Piece Outfits[edit]


Pants and Kilts[edit]



Complete Outfits[edit]

Diana for G8M
This set contains a new figure, Diana, for the Genesis 8 Male base. The set contains 12 eye options, five makeup options, seven nail options (both finger and toe), along with a few other fun features. She also comes with a unique skirt and sweater option that are glitzed up for the holidays in sequins. As a female figure for G8M, the Diana for G8M morph can be used with other G8M materials, attachments, and clothes. Diana is here to put the "T" in LGBT. Merry Christmas!!!
Sci Fi Armor for G3M and G8M or


Fetish wear[edit]

G8M Harnesses
I created a series of fetish harnesses, underwear, thong, and hood. There are also three different leather normals that are included.


FINAL - Delsin Beanie and Hair for G8M
Horn for G8M / cornes pour G8M
Superman's Cape (G8M, dForce)
Torus piercing
A little piercing for any figure to use for DAZ Studio 4.10 Iray. It was fitted to Genesis 8 Male Base figure. Keep in mind that the pectorals are no "bones" thus you have to adjust the piercing(s) each time you use shapes or morphs or when you apply it to any other figure. The piercings will show up parented to the pectoral of the G8M. (but can be applied to other figures) You can apply any shader you want, at the moment it has a basic DAZ-Iray shader. Preset for both; only left or right piercing, *.duf and the *.png file, UV set, info document

Resources for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Greybro's Graphic Tee for Genesis 8 Male
Metal T's Addon for for Greybro's Graphic T Cosplay
Holiday Dress for Genesis 8 Males
Hair Fits for Holiday Dress Cap G8M Fits for : Armani Hair, Axel Hair for Genesis 8 Male(s), Morley Hair for Genesis 3 & 8 Male(s), Odin Hair & Beard for Genesis 8 Male(s), Toulouse Hair
Lumberjack Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)
Added Morphs for G8M Lumberjack Shirt