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One-Piece Outfits[edit]


G8M Simple Conforming Shirt - untextured
G8M Simple Vest for Daz Studio Untextured
Genesis 8 Male Knitted Sweater
Cozy sweaters

Pants and Kilts[edit]



Police Gloves for Genesis 8


Complete Outfits[edit]

Batgirl for G8F and G8M (dForce)
G8M Barbarian FRD01 Untextured
Untextured barbarian outfit for genesis 8 male G8M. Includes briefs with big belt, another belt with loop for a weapon, sandals with straps, bracers, armband, and necklace.
Sandman Outfit for G8M
Cosplay Logan's Run Resources


Fetish wear[edit]


This is a free clothing accessory prop intended for Genesis 8 Male. Both left and right upper arm torcs have been fitted with corrective morphs for various base characters in the G8M roster. Over 20 morphs have been provided for each side (left and right torcs) to facilitate further adjustments. Two fully textured gold and silver materials are included for IRAY, sculpted at high resolution, textured procedurally, and finally hand painted for detail. An emissive texture on/off preset is also included for the elven inscription on the torc. Lastly two micro pressure morphs have been created for added realism. They are included in the wearable preset, and by slider control in the "Actor" parameters table of your character. Be sure to dial these to zero when you remove the torc. or!x2JxEa6B!oREVSZxas0ucDG4N-RXF6xlnepiV13mT0tZEY05Qpjo or or

Resources for Paid Wardrobe[edit]