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One-Piece Outfits[edit]

Airbender Wingsuit for G8F and G8M (dForce)
dForce Sexy Tabard G8M


G8M Simple Conforming Shirt - untextured
G8M Simple Vest for Daz Studio Untextured
Genesis 8 Male Knitted Sweater
G8M Knitted Sweater - additional textures
Pull 01 pour Genesis 8 Male
Summer Casual Hoodie Short Sleeve Shirt for G8M
dForce Hoodie Short Sleeve Shirt with 3 Iray materials. Requires Daz Studio 4.10 or above. Supported Character: Walther 2.0 Only. No other body morphs.

Pants and Kilts[edit]

Bermuda long pour G8M
Un bermuda pour G8M
Jean for Genesis 8 male
New texture for Jean Genesis 8 male - lray
pantalon pour G8M
Short pour G8M
SY dForce Free Rag Loincloths Genesis 8
This is a ragged loincloth for Genesis 8 Male and a ragged loincloth and bra top for Genesis 8 Female. Both are rigged with posing bones under the Pelvis node, so you don't technically have to sim them, but the option is there and ready to go if you choose to use it. They come with dirty leather, clean leather, and dirty cloth textures and materials in .DUF format.
A trouser for G8M or Pant for G8M or


Crotchless Bikini for G8M


Dforce Walther 2.0 vest for G8M


Daz studio. Gloves for Genesis 8 Male
Police Gloves for Genesis 8


Flipflop for G8M
Walther 2.0 sneakers with socks for G8M

Complete Outfits[edit]

ANGLEMAN suit for G8M
Cosplay, Includes Black Adam suit or
Batgirl for G8F and G8M (dForce)
Border Tribe Outfit for G8M
Charming For G8M
Contains one long-sleeved shirt (which can be shortened), one vest, and one pair of trousers (which can also be shortened).
dazstudio iray mister gibbs Clothing set g8male
mr gibbs Flask for dazstudio iray
Dforce Walther 2.0 shirt & shorts for G8M
Cosplay Yatterman or
Ensemble T-Shirt et pantalon pour Genesis 8 Male or
the fisherman-Outfit for dazstudio genesis 8 male or
G8M Barbarian FRD01 Untextured
Untextured barbarian outfit for genesis 8 male G8M. Includes briefs with big belt, another belt with loop for a weapon, sandals with straps, bracers, armband, and necklace.
G8M Hakama&Haori Dforce Wardrobe Set
Glitter Rock For G8M (Electra Woman and Dyna Girl) or Rock Star for G8M (E-woman and D-girl)
Cosplay or
Heleus Armor for Genesis 8 Male
Hyperguardian for Genesis 8 Male
Indian clothing set for daz g8 male iray
Indian Set 02 for Dazstudio Iray. Genesis 8 Male
KiteMan Outfit
Cosplay Here is the KiteMan Outfit from the recent DCUniverse Harley Quinn animated series for the Genesis 8 Male for use in DAZ Studio. or
Leather G8 Male
Harness, bracers, shorts
Nightgown and Nightcap for G8M
This is a simple nightgown/nightcap combo for G8M. My first outfit, I can only get better! The nightgown is dForce only, has one texture, one morph and 3 fit morphs. The nightcap is a smart prop with dForce enabled, one texture, a morph and two fit morphs. or
Sandman Outfit for G8M
Cosplay Logan's Run Resources
Santakini for dazstudio Genesis 8 Male Iray
Santakini & hat
Summer Casual for Genesis 8 Male
Supported Character: Walther 2.0 Only. No other body morphs. dForce Capri Pants, dForce Raglan Sleeve Shirt, conforming Deck Shoes, conforming Sports Shoes, 3 Iray materials each for Shirt and Pants.
Walther's Funny Renaissance Wardrobe for G8M
Water Tribe Clothes For G8M
Cosplay Yatterman or
Cosplay or


Skimpy swimwear (G3/G8 M/F; no Textures)


Flash Gordon Outfit for G8M
Heleus Armor for Genesis 8
Hyperguardian Armor for Genesis 8
N7 Armor for Genesis 8
Star Citizen Armor for G8
CosplayDazStudio. Rigged SC armor for genesis 8 male. Requires Star Citizen Armor (textures).
Star Citizen M Undersuit
Cosplay DazStudio. An undersuit for genesis and genesis 8 male.

Fetish wear[edit]


bandana for Daz-Iray G8 Male
bear tooth earing dazstudio g8 Male iray
Daz Bears ring for Genesis 8 Male- Iray
Dazstudio iray Felt-hat
Daz studio. iray mask for G8 Male and For g8 Female
dazstudio iray -Mariage cross Necklace[dead link] or
This is a free clothing accessory prop intended for Genesis 8 Male. Both left and right upper arm torcs have been fitted with corrective morphs for various base characters in the G8M roster. Over 20 morphs have been provided for each side (left and right torcs) to facilitate further adjustments. Two fully textured gold and silver materials are included for IRAY, sculpted at high resolution, textured procedurally, and finally hand painted for detail. An emissive texture on/off preset is also included for the elven inscription on the torc. Lastly two micro pressure morphs have been created for added realism. They are included in the wearable preset, and by slider control in the "Actor" parameters table of your character. Be sure to dial these to zero when you remove the torc. or!x2JxEa6B!oREVSZxas0ucDG4N-RXF6xlnepiV13mT0tZEY05Qpjo or or
Ecto Goggle for dazstudio genesis 8 male
Cosplay Ghostbusters
Eight Hats for Genesis 8 Male or
FFp2 mask for Dazstudio iray G8 Male
Holo Choker for DAZ Studio Iray G8F G8M
Holo torc and visor for DAZ Studio Iray G8F G8M
jack's rings for dazstudio iray
Cosplay Pirates of the Caribbean or
leather armguard for dazstudio iray[dead link] or
Leather Cowboy Hat or
Mask for Genesis 8 - DAZ Studio
Just a simple conforming mask for both Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female. Noted that the male version use Iray default for surface material, the female version use dzDefault (for 3DL).
masque Facial G8M "or"
MEA Additional Helmets
Cosplay Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mesoamerican Headress
Includes wearable presets for G8/8.1 and G9, but you can use it with any figure, just position and parent it to the head. The... uh, dangling bits on the sides are rigged, so you can move and rotate them.
Naruto's neklace for G8 Male
Respiratory protection mask for Dazstudio Iray Genesis 8 male[dead link]
Simple Glasses for Genesis 8 Male/Female
SPLASH OF COLOR Styles for Simple Glasses G8F-G8M[dead link]
Wolf-Necklace for g8 male dazstudio iray[dead link]
xmasrose-shower cap

Resources for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Alpha Team Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)
Cobra Uniform Cosplay
Crystal Necklaces for Genesis 8 Female and Male
Free Expansion for Crystal Necklaces for Genesis 8 Female and Male
EveryDay for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Refit: Aeon Soul EveryDay for G3F for G8M
Genesis 8 Male MEGA Wardrobe
Freebie: ED's Textures for MEGA Wardrobe G8M or
Marvelous Bodysuit for Genesis 8 Male(s)
Marvelous Male Bodysuit Groupings
Star Trek Discovery Uniform Cosplay
SY Rag Tunic dForce Iray Genesis 8 Male
Warcraft Tunic Materials For SY Rag Tunic or Warcraft Tabard Material Cosplay or
Warhammer 40k - Tunic Materials FREE Cosplay or or
World Of Warcraft Materials For SY Tunics
Undies For G8M
Super-Hero Add-Ons for Undies For G8M