Genesis 9/Materials and Shaders

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Full-Body Textures Edit

Genesis 9 Female Textures
Included is a full set of textures for the Genesis 9 Female base. These materials can be rendered for personal or commercial purposes. These textures may also be used as the base to create freebie figures for Genesis 9.
Genesis 9 Male Texture Set
I created a simple texture set for Genesis 9 Male. This set can be used for renders or as the basis of creating free characters. I just ask that you credit me with any derivatives you make

Non-Human Textures Edit

Partial Textures Edit

Eyes Edit

ai eyes for genesis 9
G9 Toon Eyes

Makeup Edit

G9 Female Normal Make-Up
G9 Toon Style Makeup

Tattoos Edit

LIE Tattoo Garter 5
LIE Tattoo Maori Hammerhead
LIE Tattoo Maori Hammerhead 2
LIE Tattoo Maori Style Legs
LIE Tattoo Maori Whale
LIE Tattoo Rosebutt  
LIE Tattoo 2 Snakes Ornament

Other Textures Edit