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Bracelets, Armlets, and Armbands[edit]

Big Bead Bracelet or
Bracelet Gina
Bracelet Gina G9 is a Prop for Genesis Female Gina (G9) from Mino96. It fits for Gina and is not optimized for other Genesis Figures.


Morphing Ring for Genesis 9

Other Arm Accessories[edit]



Arah3D Lucky Earrings for G8F and G9 or
Fat Drop Loop Earrings G9 or
Rudolph Earrings
The earrings are rigged in 4 places. Comes with presets for G8F and G9.
A set of earrings for Genesis 2, 3, 8 and Victoria 9 females


Glitzy Catrims G9
A pair of smart prop eyeglasses for Genesis 9. Because they are smart props, they will fit other Daz figure generations as well with some adjustments. Also comes with an assortment of material options and materials that hide specific parts of the decoration or


Arah3D Holiday Hat for Gen8F and Gen9 or
Arah3D Lucky Hat 01 for G8F and G9 or
Arah3D Lucky Hat 02 for G8F and G9 or
OuiOui Beret for Genesis 8 and Genesis 9

Crowns and Tiaras[edit]


Other Head Accessories[edit]

Mesoamerican Headress
Includes wearable presets for G8/8.1 and G9, but you can use it with any figure, just position and parent it to the head. The... uh, dangling bits on the sides are rigged, so you can move and rotate them.



Navel Piercings G8F-G9