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  • Swimwear - Swimsuits and other beach wear
  • Uniforms - Military uniforms, job uniforms, school uniforms, team uniforms, and other uniforms.
  • Sleepwear - Clothing for bedtime, alone.
  • Fetish wear - Clothing for bedtime, with a special someone.

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A-E Edit

Cosplay Costume Retro By TerryMcG for Daz 3D Genesis 9
Cosplay The package contains a complete Wonder Woman costume for Genesis 9. It comes with a set of texture maps.
Emma Emmarich from mgs2 Cloths
Cosplay A recreation of Emma's pants and shorts in Metal Gear Solid 2.

F-J Edit

Free Tunic Set
G9 Fitness
Subscription download
G9 Fitness - additional textures

K-O Edit

Nice Shirt & Pants
A nice blue button top t-shirt and pants. There are some morphs to allow g9 base female to work, it should while adjusting female base, then you have to dial in the bttf2fw, which means button top t fit 2 female wide. Male base doesn't necessarily need a corrective morph, but For male, you can go into misc and change the parameter for masculine base. Then go into clothing morphs and hit sfprfm, shirtforpantrefitmale. You can also adjust the shirt's buttons by changing their individual morphs in clothing morphs by changing bttObu, bttTbu, bttThbu, one button - three buttons.

P-T Edit

Shorts And TShirt for Genesis 9
Subscription download
G9 Shorts & TShirt - additional textures
Spring Dandelion Outfit for G9 (dforce) or
Additional textures:

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