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This page is about eyewear. For drinking containers, see Food Resources.

Free glasses. WIP...

Glasses are sorted into "Prescription Glasses" or "Sunglasses" by whether the prop's creator gave them clear or tinted lenses, respectively. In most cases, one can easily add or remove a tint to the lenses.

Prescription Glasses[edit]

2 Glasses for ADK (Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)
Cookie Specs
also fits Chip
female glasses (seventh from bottom)
female glasses 2 (eighth from bottom)
female glasses 3 (eighth from top)
freeSPEX Glasses for Genesis, DAZ 4.6
Glasses for G8F / Lunettes rondes pour G8F
Glasses for Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 8 Female
Glasses 2 for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female
Glasses for M4
glasses for Maria (sixth from top)
Glasses for Maya Doll (bottom row, left column)
glasses for Miki (second from top)
Glasses Type 001
Glasses Type 002
Hi-res Glasses
A Little Witchy Pranx 2
This kit includes: 4 Shader Mats for Elleque's Majorette Outfit, 5 Tights Shader Mats for Pranx2, 1 Set of Glasses Smartproped, 6 Shader Mats for the Glasses, 4 Shader Mats for Trumarcar's Cookie Witch Witch Hat, 2 Shader Mats for Trumarcar's Cookie Witch Cauldron
Lorgnette in obj format
Nerd Glasses
Nerd glasses
Nerd glasses reloaded
In June 2013 I made a set of Nerd Glasses. Here they are again, remapped, with templates, with mats suiting Posers Superfly and smartparented to Victorias Head.
I added a small small pair of reading glasses.
Reading and Sun-glasses for Kristin
Simple Glasses for Genesis 8 Male/Female
squre glasses (fifth from top)
Toon Glasses
Uber Goggles Smart Prop
Gustav Eyewear Type01
Gustav Eyewear Type02
Gustav Eyewear Type03
Nearme Glasses


80s Shades
DS duf format, made in 4.8. The glasses are sized and load to G2M's height/face, but by default are not fitted or parented
Fashionista Sunglasses
G8F Shades
Pilot's Aviator Sunglasses
sunglassses (bottom of page)
Sunglasses for Poser and DAZ Studio
Uber Goggles Smart Prop

Other Glasses[edit]

Including binoculars.

3D Glasses for Poser
Opera Glasses
by BWSman
Fun glasses with nose and eyebrows
Sci-Fi Shades for Genesis Male and Female
ThugLife - Glasses prop


Eyeglass Case - DAZ Studio 4.5+
Fistys Eyeglass Case Velvet Lining DS4.7:
Eyeglass Case - Poser Native and DAZ Studio 3
Eyeglass Rack