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Gumdrops is a series of toon-styled figures created by LittleFox. They are not free; one can purchase copies at Daz3d.

While there are many Gumdrops figures, two can reasonably be called the "base" figures:

  • Candy is the original figure from which all of the other Gumdrops were created. She is a human female figure.
  • Cupcake is the base "plushie" figure. She is an anthropomorphic cat figure. One does not need a copy of Candy to use Cupcake. Cupcake can wear Candy's clothing, except for the feet and hands area. Cupcake can wear Gumdrops hair, but her ears will poke through.

Cookie and Chip are described on their product pages as "Gumdrops all grown up."

Free resources for Gumdrops include:


Faces and Morphs[edit]

Eyebrows for Gumdrops
Gumdrop Voyager

Materials and Shaders[edit]

Eyelashes for Gumdrops
Gumdrop Cowboy
Pants, shirt, scarf, string tie, two hats, gun, holster, two belts, boots, chaps, waistcoat, hair, suspenders and sheriff badge. Four sets of mats and extra for the shirt and scarf. Also has skin mats for Gumdrop.
Love Gum - Gumdrops Kiss Masks
Cosplay: "based on the famous 4 characters from the Band KISS"
Skin Basics for Candy
Toyyaris's skintextures for candy Base Gumdrops

Materials for Specific Gumdrops[edit]


Calico Kitty for Cupcake
fall texture for cupcake
fox for cupcake
Sealpoint Cupcake


Shelly for Loreli (bottom row, right column)


Eyelashes for Gumdrops
Gumdrop Fairytale Princesses
Includes 2 skirts 2 panniers 2 crowns 1 sceptre and 1 tiara (refit of the Gumdrops Wedding tiara on this page), 3 tops 1 sash 3 collars 1 petticoat 1 neck ribbon 1 shoulders 1 sleeves 1 bodice, 3 hairstyles with morphs and mats. Mats for the high heels from Gum Shoes on this page. Mats for the Gumdrop cape on this page. Mats for the tiara from "Gumdrops in Clover" on this page. Gumdrop fit for Grace hair from Cookie's Goth Gown (needs RTEncoder and Grace Hair for Cookie). Glass coffin with roses and pillow props. Mats for the four poster from "Miser and Ghost" on this page and roses for the top. There are lots of materials for each.

Resources for Paid Hair[edit]

Poses and Expressions[edit]

Cupcake Expressions
Jack - 2 Simple Poses
Gumdrops Posing

External Links[edit]

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