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One-Piece Outfits[edit]



Complete Outfits[edit]

Bunny Tales for Gumdrops
Gumdrop Fairytale Princesses
Includes 2 skirts 2 panniers 2 crowns 1 sceptre and 1 tiara (refit of the Gumdrops Wedding tiara on this page), 3 tops 1 sash 3 collars 1 petticoat 1 neck ribbon 1 shoulders 1 sleeves 1 bodice, 3 hairstyles with morphs and mats. Mats for the high heels from Gum Shoes on this page. Mats for the Gumdrop cape on this page. Mats for the tiara from "Gumdrops in Clover" on this page. Gumdrop fit for Grace hair from Cookie's Goth Gown (needs RTEncoder and Grace Hair for Cookie). Glass coffin with roses and pillow props. Mats for the four poster from "Miser and Ghost" on this page and roses for the top. There are lots of materials for each.
Gumdrop Cowboy
Pants, shirt, scarf, string tie, two hats, gun, holster, two belts, boots, chaps, waistcoat, hair, suspenders and sheriff badge. Four sets of mats and extra for the shirt and scarf. Also has skin mats for Gumdrop.
Gumdrop Health Worker
Gummy Casual
Gumdrop Santa
Mrs. Claus
Sweet Grandma
Ole for Gumdrops
Winterdress for Candy
The dress of winter for Candy. The set of the sweater, skirt, boots, hair.

Sleep wear[edit]


Resources for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Sorted by the name of the paid wardrobe.

BathingSuit that comes with Gumdrops: Candy the Base
B Suit
Gumdrops: Asian
Asian Gumdrop: No Hat Hair: (bottom of page)
Sally Outfit
Gothables for Sally Gumdrops
Gum Sall

Yet to be indexed[edit]