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3Dpmr / Arduino[edit]

Claudio hair texture for Daz Wonder Wedge Hair or


Aether, Akaste Hair, Alkyone, Bolina, Cleone, Erato, Eurydice, Lethe, Leto, Zephyrus
Akaste Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Alexios Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
All Time Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Anemone Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Apollonia Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Aspasia Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Asteria Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Athanasia Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Brave Soul Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Cleone Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Colors 4 dynamic hair - Poser 11
These MATs work great in any Poser version althout they work better in Poser 11. or
Damaris Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Despoina Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Dodona Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Duarte Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Enzio Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Ersa Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Esidor Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Estelita Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly Eurydice Hair] - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Feliciana Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Gregoria Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Iaso Hair - BASIC mats
for Superfly or
Kerkyra Hair - BASIC mats
for Superfly or
Kosmos Hair - BASIC mats
for Superfly or
Laneana Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Leandro Hair
for SuperFly or
Lira Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Marielle Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Marja Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Moira Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Music Diva Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Nerissa Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Orion Hair- BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Perseus Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Petrina Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Pure Velvet Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Sexy Spirit Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Shorty Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Stephania Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly for Stefania Hair or
Tatiana Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Vida Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly 'or
Vintage Glam Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Wave Art Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Xenia Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or
Zelene Hair - BASIC mats
for SuperFly or


Lavish Locks for Mada Hair


Alkyone Hair - 10 Styles
Erato Hair - 10 Styles
Jai Hair - 10 Styles
Leto Hair - 10 Styles
Nabia Hair - 10 Styles
Nefeli Hair - 10 Styles
Radiant Jaguar Hair - 30 Styles

Adam Thwaites[edit]

Tala Hair mats


Adorana's Hair Colors Vol 1
for Adorana's Poser-dynamic hair

Aery Soul[edit]

Fable Hair add-on colours
for Fable Hair, no longer available


Poser 12 materials for Adedayo Hair
Poser 12 materials for Daniele Hair
Poser 12 materials for Luana Hair
Poser 12 materials for Miguel Hair


Free simple hair textures
Mixed hair for you
Hair exclusives*


eXotique 50s Hollywood Hair
for 50s Hollywood Hair by RPublishing & Propschick

angie / RachealMarie[edit]

After Midnight for Kelly Hair OR
Colors for Trio Curl Updo Hair
Fantasy Colors for Fervera Hair
Angie's Colors for Johanna Hair OR


Christmas Cheer for Pixie Hair
Christmas Cheer Hair
for Anime Flip Hair from Maya, BabyDoll Hair from DAZ3D, Short Hair Evolution, Troll Droll Hair Model & Textures
Mature Holly
Mature Kozaburo All Back All Back Style
Mature Kozaburo UpDo Koz's UpDo Hair
Mature Rievel
Mature Sassy
texture for the paid Sassy Hair 2.0
More Stylz for Sadie HairStylz
Uzuri Shades


Thyla Hair Textures
Colors for the Free Autumn Spirit Hair


Akashi Hair Colors V3

art_mystique - Levanah[edit]

Later LevKornowska

AMHT2-AM Hair textures 2
AMHT2-Galadrel Hair
AMHT2-Midsummer Night Dream Hair
AMHT2-Crystaline (Chrystalline hair)
AMGH1-Orabella Hair
AM Gradient Hair Tiles
AMHT2-Cat V4
AMGH1 Fawn hair
AMVP Mc6 for Fawn Hair
AMVP Base hair Tiles
AMHT2-Banana Hair
AM Hair Tiles Punked
AMHTP-Fawn Hair
AMHTP-Cinnamon Buns
AMHTP-Lullaby Tails
amht2-Aurillac Hair
AM colours KiriTe 2010


Azimuth Sexy Spirit (3Dream, Mairy)
Azimuth Amphitrite
Azimuth Vida


Valens Hair Revisited
KiriTe - Revisited - Taster
Feather Hawk for Poser and DAZ Revisited taster


Biscuits Stars for Butterfly Hair
RGB free ScreamHair 01
RGB free ScreamHair 02
Three Hair colors for Hair Trio NO2


Colors - Sapphire Hair Textures and fit for V4


Colors for Marisandra Hair - 3 MATs - Sampler


Colors - Trixie Hair Textures


DAZ Melody Hair Textures



Hair Colours for HMHM & MGHM Hair


Red Texture for Kozaboro's Short Hair
Red Texture for Kozaboro's Alice Hair
Red Texture for Kozaboro's Rei Hair
Red Texture for Kozaboro's Wave Hair
Red Texture for Wedge Cut Hair
Salt and Pepper Texture for Wedge Cut Hair


Troll Doll Hair Mats
for Troll Droll Hair Model & Textures


Dawn GlamHair_textures OR


Star Violet Hair Textures


DA-Dream Colors for Darkness Hair by SWAM
DA-DreamColors - Vila
DA-DreamColors for Feminine Swing Hair by elleque


Anastasia Haircolors, not available anymore
New Hair Colors
Anastasia, not available anymore or
New Hair Colors 2
Anastasia, not available anymore or


Hair Colours for RedViper's HMHM and MGHM hair


Home Knit for V4KnitCap or


Fantasy colours for Verona hair
Rogue tex for Sissy LB hair prop1


Colors for Princess hair (Jasmin/Genesis)
Fantasy colors for Long Hair (Jasmin/Genesis)
Colors for Prince Hair (Jason/Genesis)
Colors for Bob Hair (Jasmin/Genesis)
Fantasy Materials for STAR Hair or Fantasy colors for Star hair
DS only or
Colors for Pigtails
10 colors for hair and bows that are coming with Lolo Hai
MAT poses for Lolo hair


Ginger Hair for Kozaburo's Longhair Evo


Paris65 Hair-MT5 files


10 colors for Delia Hair
10 colors for Chiva Hair


35 Color Options For Valens Hair


Luminescence for Pixie Hair


Hair for All - Poser 5+ Mats


ColoredFluffyHair for Mirabilis FluffyHair

Immortal Moments[edit]

IM-Wilder Orchid Hair for Wild Orchid Hair


Daz Iray Hair Translucency Map


Trans Map for Bblythe Hair


All Time Hair (3Dream and Mairy) OR
Little One, morph is Jane For Little One, Hair is All Time Hair
JL Kybele Hair - 60 fresh colors OR
JL Kosmos Hair - 60 fresh colors OR :
JL Pallene Hair - 60 fresh colors OR
Koz Short Hair OR
Koz Rei Hair OR
JL Koz Alice Hair
Koz Wave Hair OR


InTints for Reddy Hair
InTints for Crinkly hair
InTints for Lisa Hair
InTints for Cuty Hair

Just Last Knight[edit]

The Dye shop for Reby Hair OR
Hair Colours for 3D Universe' Ranger Hair
mat poses for Aether Hair


Prop Hair Material Conversions Vol. 1
A pack of DAZ presets I've converted over from Poser MATs so they'll work with my Prop-to-Figure refitted hairstyles. Agent Hair, RDNA Alicia Hair (including TruColour Pack), Casual Slick Hair, Cleone Hair, CQ Event Hairstyle (including Just Real textures), Insolant Nightmare Hair, Knit Cap with Hair (including Home Knits and ForbiddenWhispers's AWOL Deadly), Messy Hair (including Real Textures, Fantasy Textures, MMA Textures, and SoCalRoberta's AWOL Very Simple Textures)


Funky Christmas Whimsy Curls
Funky Whimsy for AS Whimsy Curls Hair



72 'Funky Madness' Hair Shaders or Funky Madness Hair Materials
DazStudio or


Childs Play for Magenta Hair OR


Textures for Koz ShortHairEvolution


Superfly Update For Prae's Rivir Hair
I wanted to be able to use it in Superfly so I redid the mats a bit and added some extra colors as well as a ridiculous sparkle style (which is slow to render on my machine, but fun). You still need the original files since my additions work with the original mats:


48 colors for the DAZ WedgeCut Hair (and WonderWedge)


Margy’s Magical Hair Dye for Pranx Hair
Margy’s Magical Hair Dye for Pranx Pixy Braid Hair
Margy’s Magical Hair Dye for Pranx FG Hair
Margy's Magical Hair Dye for Pranx Curls
Margy's Magical Hair Dye for Pranx Scalp


Textures For Koz's Short Bob
Devanar Hair Beanie Textures


Textures for DebbieM.'s Vulcan Hair for V4


for Natsumy Hair for V4


Disegno for Jean Hair
Papavy Hair Colors



mmalbert / Redeyecat[edit]

Toon materials for Sheriwyn Hair
Rope/Yarn Hair Textures for Toon Salon Hair 03, DS & Poser
Rope/Yarn Hair Seamless Tiles Resource
Xmas Sparkle Hair Materials for Star!


bold, bright material presets for Innocent Hair G2F (DS only) or
Stripey for Dawn's Glam Ponytail DS4.6+ or
3Delight Mats Mec4D's 80s Gym Suit Hair & Band or
3Delight Mats for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Hair + Band or
3Delight Mats & Morphs for MEC4D's G2M Mullet
12 Textures for EvilEliot's Miranda Lawson Hair or

MoonCraft 3D[edit]

Hair Colors For Addison Hair For G8F
Addison Hair and Brows for Genesis 3 & 8 Female(s)non-free content


Assorted colors for Mars Hair
Assorted Colors for Pluto Hair
Assorted Colors for Fair Fae Hair
Assorted Colors for EXP Hair
Assorted Colors for Loose Comb Hair
Simple Hair Shaders for DS3
Assorted Colors for Princess Hair
Assorted Colors for Laurel Hair
Assorted Colors for Prissy Hair
Assorted Colors for Adhafera Hair
Assorted Colors for Quaffx Free Hairs 2-10
Assorted Colors for Kozs Long Hair
Assorted Colors for Goth Doll Hair Vol 1
Assorted Colors for Evelyn Hair
Assorted Colors for Austin Hair
Assorted Colors for Mitsuami Hair
Assorted Colors for August Hair
Assorted Colors for Lollipop Hair
Assorted Colors for Petite Fleur Hair
Assorted Colors for Pregipessa Hair
Assorted Colors for Mavka Hair
Colors, Styles and Fits for Simple Hair


Textures for April YHS's Jamie Hair
Rogue Hair Textures -- Various
Textures for RQ V4 Hair 001 (Qraffx)
New Textures for Romulan Princess Hair


Odas Textures for Rose Curls Part 1
Odas Textures for Rose Curls Part 2
Odas Rose Curls Textures Part 3
Odas Valkynne HairColors
Wavy Dynamic Stephanie textures for Optitex Stephanie Hair


Poser Cartoons 2 Hair Mats
This is a set of 12 materials for the Poser Cartoons 2 Hair. I've also included a set of materials for the eyebrows if you want to match them to the Hair colour. The cartoons come with Poser - find them in your Poser content directory under Cartoons. The materials will apply to any of the cartoon 2 figures and will work in Superfly and Firefly.


Little Miss Braided for Cookie's Pretty Hair Base and Braid
for "Pretty Hair Base Pack for Cookie" and "Pretty Hair Kit Long Braid", no longer available


Beauty Valens Hair OR
Beauty Hongyu´s Hair
Beauty for Aziqo's KnitCap with Hair OR
Beauty Bob Hair for the free Bob Hair from Mark003. OR
Beauty BO-Wasg Hair OR
Beauty Espresso Hair Basicpack OR
Beauty Espresso Hair Add On OR


Bellicious for Belle Arum, Strandalicious for Aundrea Hair, More Strandalicious for Melite Hair, Realistic Tips for Autumn Hair,Albino Hair Textures Anastasia Hair, Radiant Jaguar Hair, Clio Hair, Dione Hair, Sapphire Fox Hair, Strandalicious for Clio Hair Sampler, D-Sampler for D-licious for Dione Hair, Wyld Tyra, Dark Diva for Delphia Hair - 55 Mats, Jeebies for Hebe Hair, and ;CK Helios Sampler


Clown Styles for M4 Short Dreads
Ranger Hair Colors, DAZ Studio 1.8 +


Rainbow Colors Glitter - Paradise Bird
Rainbow Colors Glitter - Mishka Hair
Rainbow Colors Glitter - DejaVu Hair
Rainbow Colors Glitter - Branwen Hair

Rob Kelk[edit]

More ribbons for HMHM hair and MGHM hair


G4 Hair Colors
for the Girl 4 Base's "the Girl 4 hair"


Specular Hair for Pranx
"Hair shader for Scampixie Pranx(Renderosity)'s default hair, scalp and tail." (top row, left column)


Choco Spirited free Expansion
for Chocolate Hair


Star's Pluto Hair Mats
Star's Mars Hair Mats
Mostly Universal Hair Shader - Bright Colors
Mostly Universal Hair Shader Gradiant Colors
Mostly Universal Hair Shader - Stripes
Tutorial for Mostly Universal Hair Shader
Stars Wildmane Colors
Stars Aldora Hair Colors


Textures for StudioMayas Bandanna Hair

Sidhe Rose Graphics[edit]

Red Neomi Hair V4
for Neomi Hair for V4


Toxic Gnomie Buns
ToXic Siren - Solids
ToXic Siren - Blends
ToXic Luka
ToXic Jesse

Sister of Darkness[edit]

BRW Bun Hair
for V4A4 Bun Hair
BRW Kiana Hair
for Kiana Hair for V4/A4
for Ourania Hair
for Spanish Updo
for Veruca Hair V4-A4-A3 unavailable


Skinsoft Medium Hair Texture Mats


Cel Toon Hair (updated)
Cel Toon Hair Base
Cel Toon Hair Base 2
Cel Toon Hair Base 3


Twingo hair superfly mats


Energizer Textures
for Energizer Hair


Spring Color Freebie for Toon Amy Hair


Hair mats for Parfait Buns, Gumdrops Hair, Gumdrop Jack's Hair;
NJA Ponytail Colours


Bump for Koz long
Celebration 08 - Day 24 - X-Mas for Koz Hair Bundl
Long Hair Evolution, Messy Hair and Koz's Short bob
Celebration 08 - Day 20- Xmas for Wedge Cut
Celebration 08 - Day 18 - X-Mas for Jai Hair
Celebration 08 day 13 - X-Mas for Alysadae Hair
Celebration 08 day 11 - X-Mas for Koz's All Back All Back Style
Dark magic for HFP Aredhel hair
Fantasy for August Hair
Fantasy for Nyoko Hair
Fantasy textures for HFP Aredhel Hair
Fantasy textures For Horse tail hair
Fantasy textures for Koz All back
Fantasy textures for Koz long
Fantasy textures for Kozaburo's Short Bob
Fantasy textures for Kozaburo's Messy Hair
Fantasy textures for Long Hair Evolution
Nature for HFP Aredhel Hair
Real Alien Hair for Daz Figures
Real for AprilYsh Horsetail hair
Real for Full & Feathered and Fantasy Beard
Real for HFP Aredhel Hair
Real for Nyoko Hair
Real textures for Koz All back
Real textures for Koz long
Real textures for Koz short bob
Real textures for Kozaburo's Messy Hair
Real textures for Long Hair Evolution
Realistic for August Hair
Textures for Full & Feathered and Fantasy Beard
Universal lashes for Mil. figures
Vacasoft Celebration for Caleb Hair
Vacasoft Celebration for Kishka Hair
Celebration for Koz Kyoko Hair
Celebration for Koz Ponytail
Celebration for Koz Long Hair
Celebration for Koz Short Hair Evo
Celebration for Lollipop Hair
Celebration for M4 LongBeard
Celebration for Mitsu Hair
Celebration for Mon Chevalier Hair
Celebration for Posh Hair
Celebration for Xin Xin Hair


Shining Portia Hair AND
(both files are required)



Willow's Ombre for August Hair
for August Hair


QUICK COLORS for Android Hair for Genesis 8 Female (G8F)
for Android Hair for Genesis 8 Female


Touchable Aaron
Aaron Hair for Genesis 3 Male(s)
Touchable Ades
SAV Ades Hair
Touchable Amaya
Touchable Antonia
Touchable Anya Curls
for Anya Curls
Touchable Bennie G3 G8
Bennie Hair For G3/G8 Daz non-free content
Touchable Bennie V4 M4 LAF
Bennie Hair for V4/M4 and La Femme - Poser non-free content
Touchable Bentley
Touchable Carlton
Carlton Hair for Gen 8 Male, La Homme and La Femme
Touchable Crazy Locks Male
Touchable Denver
for Denver Hair
Touchable Florance
Touchable Furry Tail
Touchable Galene
Touchable Gwennili
Touchable Hr-013
Touchable Hr-025
Touchable Hr-040
Touchable Hr-045
Touchable Hr-049
Touchable Kishka
Touchable Krayon
Touchable Peggie
for Peggie Hair
Touchable Rhio
Touchable Ryo
for Ryo Hair for Genesis 2 & 3 Male(s)
Touchable Soleil
for Soleil Hair for Genesis 2 & 3 Female(s)
Touchable Sonia
for Sonia Hair for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female(s)
Touchable Stalker
for Stalker Girl Hair
Touchable Sue
Sue Character and Hair for Genesis 8 Female
Touchable Temptest
for Tempest Hair for Genesis 3 & 8 Female(s)
Touchable Torianna
Touchable Wild Winds
for Wild Winds Hair with dForce for Genesis 8 Female(s)
FWs Styles for Colby Hair, Touchable Galatea, Touchable Jingle Bells, Touchable Super Updo, and Touchable Wasg
Touchable Zorius
Zorius Hair for G3 G8 Males


Red Head for Mars Hair


abacus3d HAIR Colours CREATOR - Poser

Textures for 3dzone BUN HAIR (work on the 3dzone Hiro short style hair too)

by LALITA are unavailable

BunHair Fantasy Pack, includes 8 colors.


Studio Maya's Cecile Cut, Studio Maya's Hair Tex, Aiko 3 Ponytail, 3Dream Classic Cut, 3Dream Ponytail, DW Hand Maiden Hair, Kozaburo Koyoko Hair, Kozaburo LongHair Evolution, Kozaburo Long Hair, Kozaburo Messy Hair, Kozaburo Ponytail, Koz Short Hair Evolution, Kozaburo UpDo, Moko Hair (TenTen for Vic), Razored Moffitt Hair, Razzle Dazzle Hair, Real Vic Ponytail, Sassy Hair (1), Starlight Updo, Very French Hair, Vic Changing Ponytail, Wild & Messy Hair


Trendy Tips Collection - Amiel 15 Solid colors and 15 tipped colors for Amiel hair from DAZ.

And 7 new colors for Flexy Hair by Bice and Outoftouch. Flexy Hair was the May 2007 Freebie in the Renderosity newsletter.

and Colors for Holly Hair from Lisbeth. Holly Hair was the March 2007 Freebie from the Renderosity Newsletter. This pack contains 12 Shades and 6 Style Presets.

and Free Valentines Day Haircolors for AprilYSH's Uzuri Hair.

Softcris' Toon style Hair textures for 3Dream's Pony Tail & Yamato's Sumire A3 Hair:


blutm8's Hair textures for Daz Fair Fae hair, Swam's Vogue Hair, & Ajax Tentacle Hair (Daz Free Archive):


Revival for bowl cut hair, All New for WASG hair, Tales set for Nyoko pigtail, Revival Dazzle, Revival for Allback hair, Styles for Miki2 hair, Revival Galactic Princess Hair, Revival for Slinky Hair, Get Real for Annika Hair, Get Real for Horsetail hair

Midnightmoondesigns Mitsu Hair colours:

Natural colors for Koz Hairs:


Koz Messy, LongEvo, SapphireFox, Mitsu, BunHair, Lydia, Sylphiad, SassyHair, Alanis, MyLady


Universal Sassy2-UCP-WedgeCut2
Textures for Sassy Hair 2.0, Ultimate Changing Ponytail, & Wedge Cut 2, and 14 universal textures

fwpublishing ForbiddenWhispers'

Forbidden: For Gnomie Bun Hair

Xmas SapphireFox Hair

Forbidden: For Audry Hair

Forbidden: For Flexy Hair

Deadly Caramel: For Caramel Hair

Deadly: Mint's Classic Elegance Hair

Deadly: For Pluto Hair

Deadly: For Mars Hair

Deadly: For the KnitCap with Hair for V4

Dark Xmas, for JingleBells Hair

Deadly Fluffy: For Fluffy Hair

Kiddy Bandage: For Bandage Hair

Deadly Felicity: For Felicity Hair

Deadly August: For August Hair

Deadly Real: For Simple V4 Hair


Cut N' Blow - Hair texture merchant resource



Deadly: Energizer Hair

pyerflyrenders (tequila) V4Knit Cap Textures

Anniebel Toon Hair Colours


Valens Hair Expansion

SAV’s Kouros Expansion pack for DS 4.5

Hermes Hair Expansion by RAMWorks (only the "FULL" link still works)

Fantasy Drops Pack for DAZ Studio 4.5

(scroll down to post #116)

DAZ Studio MATS for AprilYSH’s Lyon hair: Works with original set and converted to Genesis set! (Scroll to post #11)

“RAMS Lyon Hair pack (Scroll to posts: #20-21)

winteryvonne200 ValensHair Texture - poser - ds

Realmling's seamless hair materials

Angelique toon hair shader for DS:

LA3Digital Art (LA3D) Messenger for Rock Star Hair

Rainbow Colors for Yanet Hair

KittenPoetrix' Freaky Flexy for Flexy Hair

BWSman Sally Mae Hair DS2 MATs

MSTene MST FreeHair Texture Resource

atrion666 Wild and Messy in blue (diffuse settings)

Fredi Hartmann Hair Texture for "Koz-Shortbob"

Little_Dragon's F2 Ziggy Hair MATs

Salterdesign's Poser Mats for Mareek's Sweet Hair


surreality's textures

Surreal AS Hair Collection - BioFlow

Surreal AS Hair Collection - Desir

Surreal AS Hair Collection - Drops

Surreal AS Hair Collection - Fable

Surreal AS Hair Collection - HanmyaV

Surreal AS Hair Collection - LA Hair

Surreal AS Hair Collection - Whimsy

Surreal AS Hair Collection - Xenon

Surreal AS Hair Collection - Textures

Draagonstorm's Braids for Sylphiad Hair

ToXic Woodland Dream, ToXic Pirate Lolita

SaHaNi Textures for Flo Hair

BethQQQ's FinnyHawk Hair Textures for AprilYSH's FeatherHawk Hair

Maya's Spiky Layerd Cut Mat Pose


Fuji Textures
To Dye For - Crazy Locks
To Dye For - Gisela
To Dye For - Gypsy Love
To Dye For - Icie
To Dye For - Pixie
To Dye For - Selina
To Dye For - Storybrook
To Dye For - Choya


Fair And Beautiful Flower Princess Hair

Fair and Beautiful for Caribbean Queen Hair Mix-Colors

Fair and Beautiful for ElvenPrince Hair

Fair and Beautiful for Gisele Updo

Fair and Beautiful for Winter Angel Crown

Fair And Beautiful Harlow Hair

Fair and Beautiful Shades for Evan Hair

FB Winter Angel Free Textures

Shedofjoys Hair Shader v5

Qubeat's Textures for Neftis’ August Hair


PHC: Scissor Hair

PHC: Red Rabbit Hair

PHC : Miho


Addictive Sasha


MessyHair Natural Blonde (Kozaburo's)

Shox / ShoxDesign

Everyday Beauty for High Style

ShoXoloR for ...,-Freebie

and at Rero:

Ruuky Hair female

Drake Hair

Dawn Hair

HeartBeat Hair

Masha Hair

Angst Hair

Gisela Hair

Amaya Hair

Dark Mistress Hair

Ice Dove Hair

Rosalie Hair

Duchesse Hair

DeRoka Hair

Velvet Hair

Eros Hair

Royal Hair

Kelly Hair


Aryelle Hair:

Enigma Hair

Kiana Hair

Lysithea Hair

Hongyus Hair 2010

Lollipop Hair

Ksssss Hair

Vanity Hair

Chilly Hair

Nykta Hair

Rag Doll Hair

Rogue Tails

Sama Hair

Carling Hair

Sinai Hair

Sally Mae Hair

Akina Hair

Misty Veil Hair

Rose Curls

Keeper of Dreams Hair

Jana Hair

Madde Hair

Christalle Hair

Louise Hair

Eliza Hair

CoCoLi Hair

Cadrian Hair

Clarissa Hair

Magnolia Hair

Kitty Nelle Hair

Desperado Hair

Little Star Hair

Samarana Hair

Paris Tail



Autumn Winds Hair






Dark Wolf

Helena Hair

Fiorenza Hair


Louise Bob


Merry Hair

Lydia Hair

Midnight Queen Hair

Nightbird Hair

Moonshadow Hair

Nannette Hair

Primrose Hair

Snow White Hair

SkyLah Hair

Sookie Hair

Strawberry Hair

Steamqueen Hair

Windsong Hair

Sweet Angela Hair

Sugar Doll Hair

Fairytale Hair

Desire Hair

Pink Hair

Forest Princess Hair

Gisele Hair

Stjarna Jo Hair

Midnight Prince Hair

M4 Glam Hair

Zumba Hair

Madde Hair

Magnolia Hair

Isabel Hair

Dawn Hair

Ice Dove Hair

De Roca Hair

Chrystalline Hair

Eros Hair

Royal Hair

Dejavu Hair

Lillipop Hair

Chilly Hair

Angelo Hair

ShoXoloR for Clarissa Hair

ShoXoloR for Loreley Hair

ShoXoloR for Jana Hair

ShoXolor for Chili Hair

ShoXoloR for Winter Princess Hair

ShoXoloR for Diamond Hair

ShoXoloR for Sparkling Hair

ShoXoloR for Constanza Hair

ShoXoloR for Rosydy Hair

ShoXoloR for Vanilla Hair

ShoXoloR for Gema Hair

ShoXoloR for Spartacos Hair

ShoXoloR for Sugar Hair

ShoXoloR for Mademoiselle Hair

ShoXoloR for Tequila Hair

ShoXoloR for Gretchen Hair

ShoXoloR for Tama Hair

ShoXoloR for Zyv Hair

ShoXoloR for Royal Princess Hair

ShoXoloR for Stigian Princess

ShoXoloR for Lira Hair

ShoXoloR for Liliane Hair

ShoXoloR for Solange Hair

ShoXoloR for Azucar Hair

ShoXoloR for Kono Hair

ShoXoloR for Fleurette Hair

ShoXoloR for Sansa Hair

ShoXoloR for Galadrel Hair

ShoXoloR for Lumen Hair

ShoXoloR for Berrit Hair

ShoXoloR for Christalle Hair

ShoXoloR for Jean Hair

ShoXoloR for Luka Hair







ShoXoloR for Zyv Hair

ShoXoloR for Gretchen Hair

ShoXoloR for Reagan Hair

ShoXoloR for CeCeVeil Hair

ShoXoloR for Tama Hair

ShoXoloR for Midsummer Night Dream Hair

ShoXoloR for Pink Hair

ShoXoloR for Deena Hair

ShoXoloR for Stigian Princess Hair

ShoXoloR for Royal Princess Hair

ShoXoloR for Mademoiselle Hair

ShoXoloR for Sugar Doll Hair

ShoXoloR for Fantastica Hair

ShoXoloR for Amusing Hair

ShoXoloR for Strawberry Hair

ShoXoloR for Asra Hair

ShoXoloR for Snow White Hair