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Converting Old Facial Hair to G3F/G3M in DS4.8+ or
Converting Prop Hairs to Figures
DazStudio for use with Autofit/Genesis figures
Dianae Hair Painting Tutorial
French Twist Hair G8F to Genesis 9 (Victoria 9) with Autofit in Daz Studio
for dForce_French Twist Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s)
Garibaldi Hair - how to paint maps for Genesis3
using Blender and export as obj
without Blender and
Hair Fit for hats
How to fit V4 hair to Alyson2 GND: Anastasia by 3doutlaw
How to Rig Facial Hair to Follow Expression Morphs in Daz Studio 4.6+ by ModernWizard or
IgnisSerpentus Painting Hair (Direct link to the download)
Kozaburo’s Hair Tutorial (Direct link to the download)
leejun35 How to draw hair tutorials
Linda Berkgvist How to Paint Realistic Hair
Making Fur for Geografts - DS and Garibaldi tutorial
Making Fur Socks - tutorial
Using Daz Studio, Garibaldi and of course Hexagon, one can make figures or props from the Garibaldi hair plugin. Hexagon is very limited with what it can do when it comes to hair/fur so keep the dreaming small scale.
Making Hair using Hexagon [and Daz Studio, Garibaldi, DynCreator]
Mavrosh Hair Painting Tutorial
Create Joan of Arc in 3ds Max
Ourak Nysot How to paint hair
Painting Hair for Poser Renders
Painting Hair with Hair brushes in Photoshop
Photoshop - Painting Hair by sirasan
Photoshop Tutorial: How to make hair by Daniel Diaz
Polycount HairTechnique - links to tutorials
Quickstart on how to access Garibaldi Express hair plugin in DAZ Studio 4.7
RAMWorks Tutorials
PP2 and HR2 to figure
modified for Hivewire figures
RNKarenER & MysticFantasies Hair Painting
Using SeaFolk Kelp Hair with Genesis 2/3 Females Click on View PDF. Need to be logged into ShareCG before clicking on link.
Using HorseTail Hair Model & Textures with Genesis, Genesis 2 Female/Male, and Genesis 3 Female/Male Pictures are gone but the directions are still listed.
Valea’s Hair in Hexagon (Direct link to the download)