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Aurora Hair
Baronie Hair
Calcaria Hair
Adema Hair 2
Izetta Hair
all for Victoria 3 OR
Annelle Hair M3
Ferro Hair M3
Gianco Hair M3
Tabare Hair M3
all for Michael 3 OR
Adorana's Hair Colors Vol 1
for Adorana's Poser-dynamic hair OR


M4 Skullcap


100 Additional Stranded Hair Materials for Poser
Anime Princess for Aiko 3- Stranded Hair for Poser
Scalp Props for common Poser Figures for Poser Dynamic Hair
A3, H3, TheGirl, David, SP3, M4, V4
Wildling Hair-Stranded Hairstyle for Aiko 3


Hobbit Foot hair


Semi-Goth Pull-Back Hair

Colm @ Runtime DNA Forums[edit]

Search for hair - it gets you
P5 Slick Hair for Victoria! (Colm), P5 Modern Bob Hair for Victoria (Colm), P5 High Res Skullcap for LaRoo (Colm), FREE POSER 5 HAIR MATERIALS (colm), 70's Tacky Perm for Mike P5 hair (Colm)[dead link]


!Kai!M4 DynamicHair


Iroquois Punk Hair P5 hair
Four different kinds of iroquois punk hair. Includes poses to position the hair for Posette 4, Judy, Don, Dork 4, Girl, Mike 3, Steph 3, and Vicky 1-3.

Elke / Blauheit[edit]

Dons New Hair (second from bottom)
H.E.R New Hair (fourth from top)
Judys New Hair (bottom of page)
JudysNewHair2 (fifth from bottom)
Saras New Hair (third from bottom)
Saras Short Hair (fourth from bottom)


Jiggy-Hair for V4 [dead link]



Dynamic hair converter


Hawker Hair prop for the Punk in V4. Poser 6 and higher, uses the hair room strand based hair.
MoHawk Hair cut for the Troll, P5 or higher.
Redneck Hair prop for the Troll P5 or higher.


Cerinian Vixen -- Dynamic Tail Fur


P5Aikohair - Original Aiko


Dynamic Hair Curls & Locks for Poser 6 Jessie
Dynamic Poser Rockstar Hair Styles for P6 James
Koji 1.0 Dynamic Poser Hair Styles
Miki Dynamic Hair Styles for Poser Miki 1
More Dynamic Hair for Poser 6 James

Most Digital Creations / Adam Thwaites[edit]

Free Shaggy Bob for V4


Amira for Alyson2. Skin, face morph and dynamic hair
Antonia's Pageboy
Antonia's styled curls
Centre Parted Hair V4
Flentonsie hair Maddie
Fluffy Afro hair for Laura
Fringe Hair Dawn
Governess hair for Posette
Joshua's short Afro hair
Low bun hair V4
Marcel hair V4
PC Hair for M4
Short Afro for Alyson2 (Alisha)
Short Afro for Michael 3
Short Curly Dynamic Hair Dawn
Sustertjie hair Pre-school Vicky
Tresses Laura
Wavy slicked back hair for M3


Skull Cap for Terai Yuki 2

Petra Schmietendorf[edit]


Dawn Long Dynamic Hair
Dawn Short Curly Hair
Royalty free Skullcaps: V1/V2, M2, V3/M3


2 ponytails for Antonia
Feathered Hair For Antonia
Meggie hair for Maddie
Pigtails for Penny
Side Part for Miki
Skullcap G2F and V6
Teri Hair for Dawn And Vicky 4 or
Very Long Hair for Vicky 4
Wavy hair for Miki4


PokeyHair Scampixie Pranx

W. R. Logan[edit]



Dynamic Cloth Hair - Shaara for V4