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Michael 4

M4 sample res with default morphs
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"M4" redirects here. For the weapon, see M4 Carbine for Poser.

Michael 4 (or M4 for short) is DAZ3D's flagship Generation 4 male figure. M4 is not free; one can purchase a copy from DAZ3D.

Use of this character and the additional items listed above is governed by the Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement.

Note: The wiki currently does not have a "champion" who goes out of his or her way to find resources for Michael 4. This list is definitely incomplete, and additions are made to it when people find entries while looking for other things. If you would like to be a "champion" for M4, please create an account here, contact an administrator to get your rights promoted, and go at it!

Free resources for Michael 4 include:



CIGAR - M4 Smartprop
C-Ring Prop
Should fit any penis, but was designed around Michael 4. Included is a morph for Michael 4’s genitals.
Dragonshield Smartprop M4
Flashlight for M4 Smartprop
Hunter for M4 bundle
A set of pose for Michael 4 from DAZ, and as bonus a spear and a bow smartpropped


Medic Case - M4 Smartprop
M4 Toolbox Smartprops
SciFi Battlebow - M4 Smartprop
Special-Ops Weapon Prop

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M4 Listings - List of pages tagged with freebies
A wiki that appears to have been not updated for over a half-decade - if any of the links are still good, they should be added to this list. HOWEVER, that site's CC-BY-NC-ND license is not compatible with our CC-BY-SA license (ND and SA cannot be used together at all), so we must not simply copy over the information - we need to go to the pages that are linked there and copy from those pages instead.

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