Hooded Cloak

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Hooded Cloak
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The Hooded Cloak is a sleeveless hooded cloak, available for many of the DAZ3D figures. No version of the Hooded Cloak is free; one can purchase copies from DAZ3D:

Free resources for Hooded Cloak include:



Hooded cloak
to match Cho's "11th century combo" and "Valiant knights" sets
http://chohole.ovbi.org/Page_4.htm (third from top)
Hooded cloak
to match Cho's "Lafant" sets
http://chohole.ovbi.org/Page_4.htm (third from bottom)
Lemuria Legends for Hooded Cloak
The velvets
http://chohole.ovbi.org/page_14.htm (7 from top)