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One-Piece Outfits[edit]

Leotards, catsuits, body-stockings, and other one-piece outfits that don't have skirts (if they have skirts, they're dresses). An exception: one-piece swimsuits should be found under "Swimwear."


One-piece clothing items with skirts.

4 Robes pour Kiki
DazStudio or
Free Dress for Kiki (The 3D Zone) unavailable
Kiki Halloween Dress
Robe 01 pour Kiki
DazStudio or
Robe01 pour Kiki UPDATE or
Spirit Dress 2017
Dynamic Outfit for Kiki (Poser)
Kiki Spirit Dress by Leilana
Made conforming by Trumarcar
Sparkle for Kiki Spirit Dress. Materials for the Spirit Dress by Leilana.

Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops[edit]

Clothing that covers the torso (or at least the breasts), coming down to about the waistline.

2 Tshirts pour Kiki or
Dynamic pullover
Poser dynamic
Gilet pour Kiki
DazStudio. Vest or
Sweat0 pour Kiki
DazStudio or
Sweat1 pour Kiki
DazStudio or
T-Shirt00 pour Kiki
DazStudio or

Pants and Skirts[edit]

Clothing that starts at about the waistline and goes down from there - at the least, covering the "naughty bits".

Shorts for Kiki ElvenBoy Outfit
original product:
Kikis Lederhosen & Morph Update
short for Kiki


Shoes, boots, sandals, socks, stockings, and other clothing for feet.

Kiki Shoes and Socks
Little Princess for Kiki:
Slipon Shoes


Clothing normally worn over other clothing - cold-weather gear, raincoats, spacesuits, and so on.

3 Vestes pour Kiki
DazStudio or
Doudoune pour Kiki
DazStudio Down Jacket

Complete Outfits[edit]

Outfits made up of more than one item.

2 Combinaisons pour Kiki
DazStudio or
Jupes et Hauts pour Kiki
DazStudio. Skirts and Tops or
Kiki Goes Chinatown
Texture Sets for Kiki Goes Chinatown:
Kiki Mardigras
Mardi Gras Hat and Mask, teardrops, jester hat and stick. Mats for these and Kiki Bodysuit. Bottom of page
Kiki Snowy
1 Bodysuit cr2 / obj, 1 Cap cr2 / obj, 1 Necklace cr2 / obj, 1 (Front) Hair cr2 / obj, 1 Hat pp2 / obj, 1 Snowhouse pp2 / obj, 7 Materials for Button mt5, 7 Fuzzy Materials mt5, 7 Velvet Materials mt5, 8 Fur Materials mt5, Ready to go Styles 6 for Suit Cap and Hat mc6 / pp2, 5 for Hair mc6 / pp2, 5 for Necklace mc6 / pp2, 4 Seamless pattern, 1 Transmap for Hair
Kiki Witch
Lovely Dresses for Pilgrim:
Red Riding Hood
DynamicRK-Dress ( is in this file: (Direct link to the download))
Halloween Texture for Rotkaeppchen by Blue Witch Design:
Kiksen includes textures for the shoes OR
Remember me? for Kiki
1 full texture, 1 morph inj to make Kiki into Ellie, 6 eye colors & 1 eyeliner, 1 dress (6 materials), 1 pair of shoes (6 materials), 10 new poses, 10 new expressions
Salopette pour Kiki
DazStudio. Dungarees and Tshirt or

Sleep wear[edit]

Clothing for bedtime, alone.


Jewelry, wings, belts, hats, and other adornments. The subgroups are the ones used by Daz Studio; items in more than one subgroup should be listed at the top of the section.



DazStudio Fir hat or
Free Earrings for Kiki
Summer Hat


Scarf for Kiki (second from bottom)
MATs for Kiki's Flower Girl Dress (for Flower Girl Dress for Kiki and Scarf for Kiki):
MATs for Kiki's Scarf: (bottom of page)


Kiki Snowy Tail

Resources for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Resources for free wardrobe items should be listed with the wardrobe items. Resources for paid wardrobe items should be listed here.


Refits and Textures for Kiki Elfish[edit]

Texture for Kikis Elfish

Refits and Textures for Winter Warmers for Kiki[edit]

Futurist for Kiki’s Winter Warmers (second from top)
Winter for Kiki
for Winter Warmers for Kiki, Kiki Hair Pack 1, and Wintertime Hat for Kiki (second from top)

Refits and Textures for Other Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Kiki Garden Helper
Kiki Wiccan
Kiki Winter
Christmas Kiki
for Holiday Outfit by The3dZone - no longer available (top of page)
Christmas Kiki LollyLu Textures
for LollyLu For Kiki
Christmas Textures for Sleepy
for Kiki Sleepy
Elemental Magick - Air, Earth, Fire, Water
for Kiki Pixie (first four links on the page)
MATs for Kiki's Flower Girl Dress
for Flower Girl Dress for Kiki and Scarf for Kiki
Kiki Madela Mats
for Kiki Madela
Kiki Nighty
for Kiki Clothing Pack 2 - Sweet Dreams and Sweet Dreams Bedroom (top of page)
Kiki Summer Fashion - Free Texture Style 1
for Kiki - Summer Fashion OR
Kiki Tressy Mats
for Kiki Tressy Outfit
Kiki Winter
for Kiki Winter Kiki
MATs for Kiki the Dwarf and Dwarf Dress for Kiki
for Kiki The Dwarf (other required items are no longer available) (second from top)
MATs for Kiki’s Peasant Dress
for Kiki Peasant Dress and Royal Sara Outfit (veil & crown) (bottom of page)
MATs for Kiki Spankie Wear
for Spankie Wear by Imagica, no longer available (top of page)
Texture for Kikis Tootie
for Kiki Tootie
Texture Sets for Kiki Summer Fashion
for Kiki - Summer Fashion (third from top)