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The 3D&D Klingon is a stand-alone figure, built by after the famous aliens from the Star Trek franchise. The default shape and textures for the figure are designed to emulate that of a generic Klingon Warrior during the Next Generation era. The figure includes Klingon armour/clothing, a bat'leth, a TNG-era disruptor pistol, and hair (with moustache and eyebrows).

The 3D&D Klingon has a full, versatile set of expression and face-shaping morphs, including specific morphs to alter it to the styles of TOS, TMP, Abramsverse, and Discovery klingons.

This figure is also used as a basis for assorted other 3D&D freebies (not all of which are necessarily Klingon or even Star Trek).

It should be noted that while this figure is a cosplay resource in its default form, if the "TOS" morph is used, it's simply a human (with similar enough proportions to Michael 3 that many of his clothes fit or almost fit—this was deliberate, because Dodger designed the costume first, as an M3 outfit, but then decided to build his own figure after, and didn't want to distort the mesh very much).

Cosplay: Star Trek

Free resources for the 3D&D Klingon include:
  • Alien Pilot (Alien Pilot character, morphs, and costume (based on a vintage Fisher Price action figure)
  • Borg Drone (Borg Drone character, morphs, and costume)
Full Plate Armour
Klingon (TOS) for the 3D&D Klingon
Donald Trump for the 3D&D Klingon (hair not included, thankfully!)

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