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Kururu, wearing Simple Hair Pooet A pooet and Women's Maritime Self-Defense Force uniforms
Download Links
Main Site:http://render360.seesaa.net/article/41656752.html
Second Site:http://poserclub-cab.net/pf/free-staff/others-2/kururu/f451/
Other Information

くるる ("Kururu") is an anime-style human female figure by Mato. You can download the figure from Mato's website or Poser Club.

With mato's permission, amyaimei has made a TriAx weight-mapped version of Kururu for DAZ Studio 4.6. She has also made Kururu Genesis 2 Female and Genesis 3 Female morphs and a Genesis 8 Female head geo-graft; those shapes are available from amyaimei's DeviantArt site: Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 3 Female, and Kururu Head for Genesis 8 Female.

The list of links provided here is based on the list of freebies for Kururu as it existed on https://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/637/ on February 2, 2014. It was originally posted here by the maintainer of that list. However, this list has diverged from, and is more current than, the list found on the DAZ3D forum.

Free resources for Kururu include:




These are for the original stand-alone version of Kururu.

These are for updating Kururu to the new DAZ genesis figures

Kururu (morphs) by amyaimei
Kururu for Genesis 3 Female

Character Textures[edit]

These are for the stand-alone version of Kururu.

for kururu
character, hair, and clothing textures
https://www.sharecg.com/v/12738 OR https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/details.php?item_id=43501
character, hair, and clothing textures
http://render360.seesaa.net/article/54198664.html OR http://poserclub-cab.net/pf/free-staff/others-2/kururu/f452/

Partial Textures[edit]



Stand-alone version[edit]

The Action Pose Project pose "Go".

Aiko 3 poses work with the original stand-alone version of Kururu, occasionally requiring slight modifications.

G2F version[edit]

Genesis 2 Female poses work with the G2F version of Kururu.