La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11

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La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11
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Creator:RPublishing, Blackhearted, Deecey, nerd, Rhiannon
License:Standard End User License Agreement for Renderosity Marketplace Products

La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11 is a weight-mapped human female figure created by RPublishing, Blackhearted, Deecey, nerd and Rhiannon. She is not free; one can purchase a copy from Renderosity. You need Poser 11 for her to work.

Since Poser Pro 11.2 an Education version (with no genitals) is included with Poser. With the advent of the new Poser Pro 11.3 update L'Homme is now a stand-alone figure and also updated is La Femme to remove the L'homme morph.

Free resources for La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11 include:



Hide-Show feet and toes pose for LaFemme
La Femme + L'Homme - High Resolution Templates or
LaFemme No UDIM UVs UV Mapper Pro version
MD 8 - Garment sloper set for LaFemme figure
A base sloper set of garments in Marvelous Designer format, fitted to the LaFemme figure from/for Poser 11. File is free to be altered, adjusted, changed to create your own garment designs. Includes a top/skirt combination, and a pair of pants. Also included are the top and pants in an OBJ format, in quads, for those who like to play with their meshes in that format.
V4 MFD to La Femme Tutorial Files


1960 Style Accessories for LaFemme
A Prop Hair and accessories (Glasses and Earrings) for LaFemme.
couettes pour La Femme
Coupe 01 pour La Femme
Di-Shine Crew Cap and Hair for La Femme Anime Girl
Feminine Swing Hair for LaFemme
DA-DreamColors for Feminine Swing Hair by elleque
La Femme V4 Hair Fit
Reshapes La Femme's skull to be more similar to V4's skull shape to open up your V4 hair library to her. This is primarily for short to medium-length hair .hr2s (that automatically parent) or hair that you manually parent to her head. Keep in mind that long, conforming hairs will have to be converted for her, but you can still use most of them in parented mode to a limited extent. Figure - Set Figure Parent.. (Choose La Femme - Head).
Low Poly Hair 1
Low Poly Hair 1 - 9 colors
Low Poly Hair 1 - 9 colors II
Low Poly Hair 1 - 9 colors III
PRA La Femme Skull Cap

Resources for Paid Hair[edit]

HR fits LF
A couple of morph injection files for Ali's HR-166 and HR-195 conforming hairs. When applied these morphs fit the cap part of the hairs snuggly to La Femme's default head shape.


handcuffs / menottes
DazStudio. A pair of handcuffs with a pose for G8F and a pose for La Femme
La Femme Eye Replacement or La Femme Replacement Eye
a Free script to replace one of La Femme's eyes with a prop eye ( created on the fly - no loading ) - hide the left eye, parent the prop eye to the left eye, and texture it with the current texture - allowing you to see it, so that you can change it independently of the right eye. or

Wardrobe Pages Needing Images for La Femme Base Figure for Poser 11[edit]