Lady Littlefox's Plushies Series

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Lady Littlefox's Plushies Series
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Lady Littlefox's Plushies Series are a set of toon characters that are animal forms which resemble stuffed animal toys. "Plushiness is a state of being, either you are plushie, cuddly cuteness, or you are not. Everyone needs a best friend like Rufus, Quinn, Harley, Nutters, Tilly. Soft warm fur to cuddle you on cold lonely nights, big expressive eyes so that you always know what they're thinking, large ears so that you know they're always listening to you, and completely trustworthy because they'll never whisper a word to anyone else, no lips ;). You know you can trust them with your every secret, they'll never break your heart, they'll never eat the last chocolate chip cookie, and if they get that dirty look at ya, you can just wash it off ;)" These figures have mt5 files which will only work in poser, thus the identification of "Poser Only" is used but they can be loaded and used in DAZ Studio with alternate material files.

The chardre of characters (with direct links) are: