Lamps, Lanterns, Candles, and Other Lights

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This is a list of prop or figure lamps, lanterns, candles, candlesticks, braziers, burners, electric lights, and other prop or figure lights.

For free software "lights" that illuminate a software scene, see Lights. (Occasionally, freebie prop lights will have software lights; these would be listed on both pages.)

Braziers, Burners, and Open Flames[edit]

Buddha Burner for Poser
Dragon Burner

Candles and Candlesticks[edit]

AlterZen 2 Candle Holder
Angel of Light - Self Illuminating Candle for Poser
A pretty delicate Tea Light in the design of an angel, perfect for Christmas and all year round
OBJ and 3ds
Candle Holder
DazStudio. 2x different Candle Holders - Materials -Shader Flame on/Off
Candle Stand
free-standing candle holder with candle (one mesh) and snuffer (Direct link to the download)
Candlelight Studio Iray
A set of assets to render candle lit scenes in Iray. Includes a bokeh camera, lighting rig, candle props and a tutorial in pdf format. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
3ds and obj
Darkest Dungeon - Medieval Mood - 100% FREE
DazStudio. 13 fantasy-friendly light sources - 3 candles, 3 torches, 3 braziers, 3 lanterns, and 1 chandelier - all using ghost lights to maximize your light without over-exposing those cleansing fires. 6 wall hangers to mount those torches and lanterns securely and within reach. 36 snap-to presets to quickly position your handheld and wall-mounted light sources. 16 G8 hand poses to make sure your lanterns, torches, and candles are safely in-hand. 5 full-body poses (plus 5 mirror poses) to get you into the delving even faster. And a few more extras!
Bryce 7 and OBJ
Poser and DazStudio or
Fancy Candle (Iray)
Glassware 3 - and Candles
Sets of candles and candleholders, made of glass. And, as a bonus, I added the matches to light the candles. Made for Poser 11 Pro
Gothic Candle Holder and Candle
Lil Candle Holder and Candle
Lucky in Clover
A fun stylish Tea Light figure especially for St Patricks Day in the shape of a 4 leaf clover, this is self illuminating using Posers lighting system,giving a faint real candle light glow to your scenes..Simply Open up in your scene and render..
Old candle
Old Scroll Feather & Candle
OBJ format
Pentagram with Pentagram Candleholder
DazStudio. The secrets of magic Includes a book, a wand, a candle in a candle holder and a sprig of holly or
Simple candle prop
DazStudio Iray
Small Candle
Steampunk candle holder for Dazstudio
Votive Candleholder and Candle
Weathermans Home
DazStudio. Armchair, Candle, Carpet, Cover, Frogglas, Gummy, Leaf, Leaflamp, Ladder, Stick, Umbrella or
ws candle holder 1

Lamps and Lanterns[edit]

2 Flower Lanterns for Poser
2 Flower Lanterns for Poser or
3 Globe Lantern
Three balls on one chain, hanging from a lamppost (Direct link to the download)
Acetylene world
For a few decades, acetylene was the most promising energy source for rural and off-grid situations. I've made some examples of acetylene's time in the limelight. Some of these devices were elegant mechanisms. Chumbe lighthouse, Dalen sun-valve, Cookstove and Wall lamp, Willson automatic buoy, Army signal lantern, Miner's or Caver's lamp
Apocrypha lamp
DazStudio. Cosplay Skyrim
DazStudio. Staff with Lantern
Cook's Kinneret Boat - Furled Sail Version
This version of the Kinneret Boat has a furled sail. This is a model in *.obj file format. This version of the boat adds a second type of fish basket, one woven of simple wooden staves. It also adds a high resolution oil lamp made of clay. This is the type of lamp that was common in this era. This oil lamp has raised outlines of a fish design on its surface, an oil liquid, and a flame and wick.
Crone Torch
DazStudio. It includes the torch prop, torch wearable, an hmat for materials, the hand pose separate as well as the full pose.
Daz studio Old-Lamp or alte Lampe iray
Elven Lamp prop OR
Flower lamp 1
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, For formats 3ds, obj, lights are not included, for textures only the 2d textures are included, others are procedural Bryce or
Flower lamp 2
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, For formats 3ds, obj, lights are not included, for textures only the 2d textures are included, others are procedural Bryce or
Flower lamp 3
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, For formats 3ds, obj, lights are not included, for textures only the 2d textures are included, others are procedural Bryce or
Flower lamp 4
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, For formats 3ds, obj, lights are not included, for textures only the 2d textures are included, others are procedural Bryce or
Flower Lantern DazStudio Iray version
Flower Lantern
gas lamppost 18 or gas lamppost (Narnia)
A lightcasting prop for Poser or
Genie Lamp
3d model created in blender. The zip file contains obj., fbx, the blender file, and a rendered image of the lamp.
Japanese Lantern
OBJ format (fourth row from top, rightmost column)
Japanese Lanterns
Bryce 7, formats 3ds, obj, obp, no textures
square hooded candle lantern (Direct link to the download)
DazStudio or
Lamp prop freebie for Daz Studio
oil lantern (Direct link to the download)
DazStudio. 1x Lantern (lantern carrier is movable), 1x Pose-G8F, 1x Hand-Pose, 1x Lantern Pose(not bound), Materials, Lantern-Light(not bound)
Lantern Stand and Lantern
DazStudio or
Lantern Stand for Poser
This is a lantern stand of which there exists a DS version also. The lantern, depicted here, is in a separate file but I included new materials for it in here (to try to get closer to the DS version). Superfly or
DazStudio. Christmas Lantern. Comes with a plate of snow and a wreath or
Lanternes japonaises
DazStudio or
MP_Oil Lamp
Old Lantern
octagonal hooded candle lantern (Direct link to the download)
Old Lantern
Old Lantern PBR
Files included = Autodesk FBX, Maya 2016 - Binary .mb and OBJ
Kerosene lamp
Sunflower Lamp DS Version
A sexy sunflower lamp for sure, but a magical one since it has no power cord am afraid (me bad).... or
Table Lamp
Turk Light (.DUF)
The Witchhat
DazStudio. A room with a lot of props and poses. A painting, a bust, a closed book, a stool, a lamp, a magic staff, an open book, a raven statue, a table. And a Witchhat, obviously. Each with a lot of materials. or
Wall-Lamp for daz studio iray with wall
Wizard's Lantern
.BLEND .OBJ and .DAE format(s)
japanese lantern 5 page, 2 row, left column

Electric Lights[edit]

1940 Table Lamp
ampoule fluocompacte
DazStudio. compact fluorescent light bulb
ampoule fluocompacte02 reupload
BigLight Flashlight
This zip archive contains the DAZ Studio 4.9 compatible files for the BigLight Flashlight, a flashlight prop with Iray materials and working Iray area light source. You will get much brighter lights with the Caustics sampler turned on in your render settings, and you MUST turn it on for the IES Profile light to work. The downside is that the Caustics sampler may take longer to render, depending on your scene and hardware. If you don't want to use the Caustics sampler, just leave it off and ignore the IES light preset.
Boudoir Lamp
DazStudio. This is a cabinet with accessories on top. (A Lamp and a Glass)
OBJ format
Christmas Lamp
Cool object for illumination
db Nobel Gas Lights - Argon
This is a 6' light tube for DAZ iRay that simulates the light produced by an argon filled "neon" light.
db Nobel Gas Lights - Helium
This is a 6' light tube for DAZ iRay that simulates the light produced by a helium filled "neon" light.
db Nobel Gas Lights - Krypton
This is a 6' light tube for DAZ iRay that simulates the light produced by a krypton filled "neon" light.
db Nobel Gas Lights - Neon
This is a 6' tube for DAZ iRay that simulates a neon light in the color it transmits.
db Nobel Gas Lights - Xenon
This is a 6' tube for DAZ iRay that simulates a xenon light in the color it transmits. The cool thing about xenon is produces a light very similar to sunlight.
Design Neon Floorlamp
Desk Lamp (Poser 11)
Desk Light
Eight misc items
DazStudio, OBJ, blend, FBX. Art Deco Light, 2 Bowls, Bottle, Stopper, Warrior Sword, Curved Bracelet
einfaches Spotlicht
Simple spotlight
flash light (fourth from bottom)
Flashlight for Genesis 8
Flashlight for M4 Smartprop
Handspot as OBJ
Incandescent Glass Lightbulb
3ds and obj. fluorescent tube
Lamp, KD 33e, V1
A Kartell kitch lamp from the 1970's, designed by Joe Colombo. I used to have one of these back in the late 1970's. This download includes the model in both DAZ Studio format and .obj format. The main lamp part comes in a hi-poly and lo-poly version. It comes with my cord-mounted thumbswitch model and my North American cord plug model. It comes with a North American wall outlet model. (Got it from the BlendSwap website, user "interlucency": - Sharing with you by CC-0 permission.) It has a primitive box inside to serve as light emitter that you can turn on and off by a convenient control. The particular brightness of it, however, will have to be controlled by finding and adjusting the "Luminance" property. The power cord is not included, but in the ReadMe document, I will direct you to a free, fair morphable cord and instruct you on how to put it on the lamp, and put the switch and plug on it in DAZ Studio. If you don't have the Ajax EP Tube, download it from this joint:
Lampshade With Bulb Free
Large Asian-style lamps
DazStudio Iray
Lava Lamp
DazStudio Iray
Light Bulb
light bulb with Superfly materials or light bulb (not lit) or
Lightbulb Prop
Living Room Lamp or Table Lamps for Daz Studio (Iray Only)


midget lamp
bulb (bottom of page)
Military Style Flashlight
Misc items
Six misc items for DAZ studio, a posing wall, a curved curtain backdrop, a funky ceiling light, a display dome, a pendant, and a viking axe. Also are obj files if you don't use DAZ or IRAY and wish to import the into your own program.
Modern cubelight
Simple NEON Scene 1
Stage Light 4
File Formats Available: MAX, 3DS, OBJ, FBX
Stage Spotlight
OBJ with textures
Swirl Lamp Prop
floor-stand lamp, ceiling washlight
SWT Off-Brand FlashLight for Genesis 8 Females.
Torch Light
small flashlight, OBJ or 3DS format

Magical Lights[edit]

FaeWings & Glowing Orb Props
Magic-Light-Props Dragon & Unicorn