Laser-Nunchaku for Poser

Laser-Nunchaku for Poser is, in its creator's own words, "possibly the most ridiculously dangerous weapon ever invented! (for the user)".

Laser-Nunchaku for Poser
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Creator:Jim Farris
License:"1) You're free to use this model in any render, non-commericial or commercial. 2) You may not sell the model itself, either individually or as part of a compilation. 3) If you re-post this model on your website or as part of a free compilation, the archive must include this readme file."
Needed:FemaSu 2011

This weapon is a figure flail with an energy blade, created by Jim Farris for FemaSu 2011 or any other figure. The nunchaku has easy pose dials for positioning the weapon in swinging poses.