LateXaV2 Character For Poser4

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LateXaV2 Character For Poser4
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Needed:P4 Woman and her bikini top and bottom included with Poser
andObjaction Mover 1.01

LateXaV2 Character For Poser4 is a character model with textures, modified clothing, and hair (a modified Kyoko Hair MK-II by Kazaburo), created by HR3D for P4 Woman. LateXaV2 is a remapped version of P4 Woman she has different eyes, she has genitalia, and her limbs have been remapped to allow faux boots and gloves. She can use other P4 Woman textures but you will have to manually add the texture files to the new remapped areas. Her eyes will not take other Posette textures unless they use the same geometry such as the Eve by Arduino model. The cr2 calls for the bikini top and bottom objects provided in the Poser content (see here but modifies them to allow them to fit LateXaV2.

Free resources for LateXaV2 Character For Poser4 include:
Texture Templates
Turns the glove and boot surfaces on and off.