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A place to list things that are free for a while.

Going Fast![edit]

Individual items that aren't included in the "Regular Limited-Time Freebies" lists below. Going, going ...

... gone.

Fantasy Attic's Annual Gift Page 2019 -- Come Play With Us
Fantasy Attic's 2018 Community Halloween
Fantasy Attic's 2017 Madness Abounds Halloween
We are all mad here and are so very proud of it. Please visit us everyday for a free goodie (the staff here allowed the residents to actually have some sharp utensils, um I mean tools.
Some freebies are up for the month, some are up for just some days
Stay Home - Spread Hope
One of the best things we can do for ourselves in times of stress and uncertainty is to make time to do the things that we love to do.
In the interest of using our 3D medium to assist with the expression of the myriad of thoughts and emotions regarding the global health crisis, we are offering this small collection of items at no cost to you.
In exchange for these free items we ask that you join us by sharing images you create using these products.
Please see our Stay Home - Spread Hope forum thread for details

Sites with Regular Limited-Time Freebies[edit]

DAZ3D biweekly freebies
Mec4D (weekly freebies)
Xfrog plants

Most Digital Creations offers a free "surprise" which is updated irregularly. Scroll to the bottom of for the week's link.

Renderosity is offering a monthly "Vendor freebie" in their newsletter. Some old newsletters are archived at

(more links go here)

2014 Advent Calendars[edit]

(aka links to the Christmas goodies)

might still be active....

RDNA's 13 Days of Cranky Christmas*/ (link to the news-page, from which one can select the various day(s) )
RedEyeCat's Season's Greetings 2014

And don't forget to check out the holiday goodies here!

2015 Giveaway Events[edit]

3d-board AdventCalendar
German, registration required
Fantasy Attic's 2015 Silent Chill
The individual items here are now listed as regular freebies in the main lists
Fantasy Attic's 2015 Winter Dreamland
The individual items here are now listed as regular freebies in the main lists
Poser-Freaks Adventskalender
German, registration required:
Renderosity Island of Misfit Toys
Runtimedna 13 Days of Christmas 2015*/
Render-Atelier AdventCalendar
German, registration required

2016 Giveaway Events[edit]

Fantasy Attic's 2016 Crypt of Treasures
The individual items here are now listed as regular freebies in the main lists
Fantasy Attic's 2016 Christmas Fantasies
IMPORTANT NOTE: The freebie for December 1, "Hearts of Fire Scene", will be free only until December 31.
Active Rendering (German, Registration required) Advent Calendar 2016
c4dnetwork Advent Calendar 2016
PoserFreaks (German, Registration required - link to the advent calendar right after loggin in)
Render-Atelier (German, Registration required) Advent calendar 2016
Renderosity Countdown to Christmas 2016

2017 Giveaway Events[edit]

Active Rendering (German, Registration required)
c4dnetwork Advent Calendar 2017
Fantasy Attic's 2017 Christmas Dreaming
PoserFreaks (German, Registration required - link to the advent calendar on the page right after loggin in)
Renderosity Merry Christmas Vendors Giveaway
Tutorial-Café (German, Registration required)

2018 Giveaway Events[edit]

Active Rendering (German, Registration required)
Daz3d Holiday Free item
Has started two days ago
Fantasy Attic's 2018 Annual Christmas Gifts
Magic Dreams of Poser (Bryce freebies)
Renderosity 2018 Christmas Giveaway!
Tutorial-Café (German, Registration required)

2019 Giveaway Events[edit]

Active Rendering (German, Registration required)
Adventskalender 2019 von pinkrose (German, 2D)
Daz3d Holiday Free item
Fantasy Attic's 2019 Annual Christmas Gifts
Renderosity 2019 Vendors' Christmas Giveaway
Wondertalk Adventskalender 2019 (German, Registration required)