Lovely Black Dress for G8F Daz Studio

This resource is usable in Daz Studio only
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Lovely Black Dress for G8F Daz Studio
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License:"Free and commercial renders permitted, but all use is at your own risk."
Needed:Genesis 8 Female
andDaz Studio 4 Pro

Lovely Black Dress for G8F Daz Studio is a sleeveless, backless, floor-length dress with a cutout, modeled by TritiumCG for Genesis 8 Female. It will not work without dForce.

It was based on the Lovely Black Dress from the "Love is in the Air" World Event in World of Warcraft, which makes it a cosplay resource.

"Created from scratch using Blender/MarvelousDesigner, based on the dress of the same name in Blizzard Entertainment's game World of Warcraft. I took a few liberties with the design but WoW players might recognize it. Daz Studio 4.10+ is required. While the dress is set up as a conformer, dForce is an absolute requirement. I recommend using an animated timeline but "Start Bones From Memorized Pose = ON" will also work. No additional fits are included, but it seems to autofit ok to most shapes (that I tested). Extreme leg poses will be problematic because it is a pretty tight dress. There's additional info in the readme."