Luna, complete V3 body texture

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Luna, complete V3 body texture
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Other Information
Creator:Aery Soul
License:This freebie can be used for personal and commercial projects as long as you don't resell it in whole or in part or re-distribute it without prior written consent. You cannot use it in a way which allows the original work to be extracted from your work. You cannot use it as a base for your own textures (either free or for sale) without prior written consent, this would violate copyrights. You cannot claim that this is your own work in any case. Should you have any doubt or question feel free to contact us and ENJOY the freebie!
Needed:any of Aiko 3, The Girl 3, Laura, Maddie, Stephanie Petite 3, or Victoria 3

Luna, complete V3 body texture is a full-body texture, created by Aery Soul for Aiko 3, Stephanie Petite 3, and Victoria 3, and usable with the other Unimesh 3 females (The Girl 3, Laura, and Maddie).

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