M4 Quicksuit

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M4 Quicksuit
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Main Site:https://www.sharecg.com/v/29479/
Other Information
License:"M4 QuickSuit is royalty-free - so you don't need to credit me, ask me or pay me anything. M4 QuickSuit is derivative-free for purpose of making both commercial and non-commercial conforming and Poser-dynamic clothes for M4 and M4 only. But to do so you must change (add, delete, modify) at least about 30% of the base obj and simple smoothing/SubD of QuickSuit doesn't count as modification. You can use this QuickSuit in other applications other then Poser and DS as long as the final product is made for Michael 4 and it is respecting terms of usage. You can set you own licence for your derivation but you hold no power over the base obj of M4 QuickSuit. You can't redistribute that base pack without abovementioned changes for sell or for free, as part or as whole in any way. Due to changes in Second Life EULA as on October 2013, the use of this content in Second Life in any shape of form is especially prohibited. I keep all appropriate rights as a creator of the item. Please, read the ReadMe for details and clarifications."
Needed:Michael 4
andany 3D modeling program

M4 Quicksuit is a loose wardrobe starter mesh, created by Kattey to ease creation of wardrobe for Michael 4.