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Morphing Fantasy Dress
MFD on Mayflower.png
MFD on custom morph Mayflower (copyright Arlesienne at DA, that is EnigmaticOxygen here), rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro by EnigmaticOxygen
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Creator:Anton Kisiel
License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement

The Morphing Fantasy Dress (or MFD for short) is a wardrobe item available for The Girl 3, Victoria 3, Aiko 3, Laura, Victoria 4 (including Stephanie 4, Girl 4, Aiko 4, and She-Freak 4), Genesis, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 3 Female, and Genesis 8 Female.[1]

The list of links provided here is based on the list of freebies for the MFD as it existed on on April 27, 2014. It was originally posted here by the maintainer of that list. However, this list has diverged from the list found on the DAZ3D forum as new resources have been added here.



The Morphing Fantasy Dress is not free. non-free content Depending on which figure one wants to clothe, one can find the MFD for sale at these pages:

Aiko 3:

The Girl 3:


Victoria 3:

Victoria 4 (including Stephanie 4, Girl 4, Aiko 4, and She-Freak 4, if the Unimesh Fits are also purchased):


Genesis 2 Female:

Genesis 3 Female:

Genesis 8 Female:

Free resources for Morphing Fantasy Dress include:


SnowSultan has made a set of Seam Guides for the MFD and Expansion Pack 1, to use when making your own textures. They can be downloaded at or

Phoenix1966 has refit the V3 MFD to Blackhearted's GND2 morph for V3; the refit is available at

Arien has written a tutorial on how to use the MFD as a hybrid conforming/dynamic dress in Poser. This tutorial is available at


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requires Expansion pack 1 and the Fortune teller pack (20 from bottom)
Amazon Queen Gabrielle (MFD, Tunic Pack V3 & V4, SP Clothing Pack, Expansions Pack for V4 Bodysuit)
Cosplay: Xena: Warrior Princess
Ayeesha Mix and match
"Uses Atadecer top and skirt over a skirt from the MFD for an alternative belly dancer outfit" (top of page)


Blaineley from Total Drama Dress for MFD
Blue Bavarian Dirndl
for MFD, Exp.Pack MFD, and Sensibility Dress
BlueGreen Riding Habit FIXED
"Needs: MFDV4 or MFDSP (Should work on all MFDs) MFD EP2 Wildwood Traveler Fantasy Accessories for Pharoes"
The Bridal Party
for MFD, Expansion Pack 1 and 2, and V4 Shoe Pack 1


Celebration 08, day 3- Elfette dress for mfd
Celebration for MFD
requires Expansion pack 1 and the Fortune teller pack (19 from top)
Christmas MFD - DS mats
Christmas MFD - Poser Mats
Christmas Wench Dress for V3 MFD
Class Act I
Class Act II
Colors of Alice for MFD



Elegant Gypsy
requires Expansion pack 1 and the Fortune teller pack (21 from top)
Elegant MFD V3
Elegant Purple Dress
Elvira Dress
"Eowyn Green Gown" for V4 MFD + Expansion
"Eowyn's White Wool Dress" for V4 MFD Expansion
Evening Dress Style
Expan 2 for V3 MFD xmas mix and match


Fashion for MFD:Vol 2 Deborah
Ferny Fairy (17 from top)
Festive MFD
Fire and Ice
requires Expansion pack 1 and the Fortune teller pack (20 from top)
Flower & RedGold Texture for V3 MFD
Flower fairies blue orchid (15 from top)
Flower fairies various (16 from top)
Forest shades
requires Expansion pack 1 and the Fortune teller pack (21 from bottom)
Fortunes finery
requires Expansion pack 1 and the Fortune teller pack (19 from bottom)
Free Textures for Daz MFD


Galactic Guardian
for Morphing Fantasy Dress and Wizard Robe
Geisha Girls - Kimono & Dress package
For Obi and Sleeves, V3 Kimono expansion pack for V3MFD is required OR AND
Golden Red 2 for Daz Morphing Fantasie dress
Golden Red for Daz Morphing Fantasie dress
Golden Sun Gown for V3’s MFD
Gothic bride for the MFD
Gothic Dress for Morphing Fantasy Dress
Gownz 1 and 2 Free Samples: "Forest Green" and "Cream Lace" (fifth and fourth from bottom)
Green Satin Dress for V3’s MFD


Halloween MFD (third from top)
Happy 2009 (at Renderosity: Boho Gurls - Happy New Years 2009)
Hubble Series 02 for MFD
Hula Skirt for MFD




Kairi Dress for MFD and A3
Kimono 02 for MFD (MFD and Kimono Expansion)
Kimono 03 for MFD (MFD and Kimono Expansion)
Kimono 04 for MFD (MFD and Kimono Expansion)
Kimono 05 for MFD (MFD and Kimono Expansion)
KMWedding for MFD OR


Leather Jerkin Dresses for Morphing Fantasy Dress
Leather Texture
Leaves MFD Fae
Lee Dress for MFD
Lengha choli
"Tops and skirts from the MFD to make party/ wedding/ dance outfits for your Asian girls." (7 from bottom)
Light Blue Satin Dress for V3’s MFD
Lingerie for MFD
Lingerie for MFD Flowers and Lace


Marijuana Faerie for V3 MFD and MCD
Mat Red-Purple for V3MFD
MayQueen for MFD
Meat Dress OR
"2 sets of textures. Rhosyn, in hot pink and black silks and brocades and Arianwyn, which uses the bump maps to produce a silvery set which can be tinted to suit as well" (21 from bottom)
Christmas textures (11 from bottom)
MFD - Cotton Fun Dresses Textures
MFD a bit of yellow
MFD Black Ruffle Dress
MFD Dress for Dawn from Total Undead Drama
Cosplay. A texture for the MFD that matches the dress worn by Dawn from Total Undead Drama, plus a transparency map for it. The trans map eliminates the lower part of the sleeves, so the Elbow Ruffles 2 from the MFD expansion are needed. The RGB values for the elbow ruffles color are 100, 228, 151.
MFD Dress textures
MFD Fae Snowflake texture
MFD Fae St Patrick Day
MFD Fae St Patrick Day2
MFD Fae St Patrick Day3
MFD Fae St Patrick Day4
MFD Fae Xmas texture
MFD Fae-Black Jewel RMA
MFD Fae-RedmysticAngel
MFD fashion 01
MFD Feathers
MFD Gothic Gown
MFD Mozaic Texture pack FOUR
MFD Mozaic Texture pack one
MFD Mozaic Texture pack THREE
MFD Mozaic Texture pack TWO
MFD NVDawn03
MFD Pilgrim Dress texture
MFD Pilgrim?
MFD Pumpkin Dress
MFD Red Ruffle
MFD Red Silk texture
MFD Stained Glass Fantasy
MFD StumbleBum textures
MFD Sundresses
MFD Textur for V4 and V3 OR
MFD Turkey Dress
MFD V4 4th
MFD V4 Dress texture
MFD V4 SunFlower Texture
MFD valentine1 texture
MFD valentine2
MFD valentine3
MFD Web Dress
MFD White Fur
MFD Witch 3
MFD Witch 4-2014
MFD Xmas texture
MFD-4th 2015 & Fae textures
MFD-Anna Dress2016-texture
MFD-BlackWhite & Fae textures
MFD-BlueLace & Fae textures
MFD-BlueLace & Fae textures
MFD-DK Blue & Fae textures
MFD-Easter Rose
MFD-Fae Jewels2
MFD-Fall Fae texture
MFD-Green & Fae textures
MFD-GreyLace-2016 texture
MFD-Red dress textures
MFD-Shaggy Fae
MFD-Shear 2016
MFD-Valentine textures 2015
MFD-White Dress & Fae texture
MFD-White Dress & Fae texture
MFD-Whiteflower-Fae texture
MFD-Winter Kimono
MFD-WoodFae-2015 texture
MFDFae Grapes
MFDfae1-2 dress
MFDSnowflake texture
MFDV4 American Flag
MFDV4 Fae texture
MFDV4 Fae Texture
MFDV4 FaeBlue
MFDV4 White Rose Dress
MFDV4FaeSBC texture
More Texturesfor V4- MFD
Mourning for Morphing Fantasy Dress






Real Gownz Daisy Dress
Real Gownz Elf Dress
Real Gownz Lunar Goddess
Real Gownz Rose
Real Gownz Sunshine
Real Gownz Totally Tribal
Real Gownz Violetta
Real Gownz: Black and Gold
Red Bellydancing Costume
Red Top+Denim Skirt for MFD Z
Red-black combo - For MFD (9 from bottom)
Ribbonwrapped for the V3MFD (bottom of page)
Romany Influence Textures for Daz morphing fantasy dress (search for "Romany Influence")
Royal Purple for MFD
Running Doe


Sea Queen Dress texture, on Victoria 3's MFD
Satin Dream Dress for V3’s MFD
Short Sexy MFD MAT
Simply Elegant (middle of page)
Skimpy MFD for Victoria 3
Snowflake Coat for V4/V3/A3/The GIRL/Laura MFDs
Snowflake DressFor V4 MFD
Summer for MFD Day 27


Tattered Clothing for Morphing Fantasy Dress
Texture Pack For Willow and MFD
three textures for the MFD
Three Textures for the MFD + Kimono Expansion
Tiffany's Princess Dress
Trek-ish for MFD



V3 EsotericStyle for the MFD
V3 Gunner Set
V3 MFD texture by LadyfyreGraphics (Direct link to the download)
V3 MFD textures chinese dragon style
V3 Short Sweater Styles for MFD
V4 MFD & Expansion Packs Green And Gold Textures
V4 MFD Dark And Gothic Textures
V4 MFD Fall Grunge Texture Set
V4 MFD Halloween Styles
V4- MFD Winter Kimono
V4MFD FaeBlossom
Valentines Dress for MFD
Victorian Lady Costume Textures for MFD
Victorian Servant Costume Textures for MFD
Victorian Woman Costume Textures for MFD
Vistani Dress
Vulcan dress forV3/V4 MFD 01
Cosplay: Star Trek
Vulcan Dress forV3/V4 MFD 02
Cosplay: Star Trek


Winter Coat for MFD
for MFD and Hooded Cloak
WinterStyle Clothing Pack for A3 Cloak & MFD
Witch1 Dress
Wizard Outfit MAT files
for MFD and Wizard Robe; DazStudio



Yunners Texture Bundle (Heroine Texture Set For DAZ V3 MFD and Unimesh)


Multiple Downloads[edit]

As the items at these pages are listed above, the links to these pages will be removed. Eventually, this section will go away.

Trixie’s Gallery
Note that there are some textures here for dresses other than the MFD


  1. There is also a version for Stephanie Petite 3, but that item does not have the same UV map as the other versions of the MFD.