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Autumn Leaf from Faerie Dreams, rendered in DAZ Studio by Glaseye

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Wardrobe for Maddie.

See also the list of second skin "clothing" for the Unimesh 3 females


Casual Maddie Dress (bottom row, right column) or
Longer version of Maddie’s skating dress
Maddie Dynamic Dress
Poser dynamic
Maddie's drop-waisted sleevelss dress
Maddie's Holiday Dress
Maddie's Jumper
Maddie Ruffle Dress or TamiL Maddie 3 Ruffles Outfit (bottom row, left column) or
Sweet Maddie

Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops[edit]

Fairy Clothes Cute Top - Preteen version link to the download)
Frilltoob link to the download)
Maddie Top - Preteen version link to the download)

Pants and Skirts[edit]

Maddie Frill Skirt link to the download)
Petalpants link to the download)



Complete Outfits[edit]

ButterflyKids (top row, middle column)
Fairy Clothes - Preteen Version link to the download)
Maddie Faerie (top of page)
("NOTE-this is the original version of the much more well known version of the Scampixie Pranx outfit. All the texture sets available for the Pranx version do work on this.")
Shirt and skirt for Maddie
conforming and Poser dynamic


Maddie Petite Swimsuit link to the download)
Maddie Petite Swimsuit 2 'Same suit as Maddie Petite Swimsuit but more morphs' link to the download)
Trikini MPT link to the download)

Sleep wear[edit]

Maddie Dynamic Nightgown or MuMu
Poser dynamic


Wardrobe Textures[edit]

As the items that are required for these freebies gain pages here, these freebies will be moved to those pages. Eventually, this section will go away.

Ballerina for Maddie
"You must have these clothes to use the materials: Cute Top, Fairy Top, Fairy Pants, Thigh highs from Tim Polmear Ruffles clothes from TigerDesign There a mat file for Maddie's BalletFlats if you've got it from DAZ Xmas."

Resources for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Sorted by the name of the paid resource.

KissinCheeks for Maddie
Texture Sets 1-2 for KissinCheek Dress for Maddie: (bottom two on page)
Texture Sets 3-7 for KissinCheek Dress for Maddie:
Texture Sets 8-12 for KissinCheek Dress for Maddie:
Red Riding Hood for Maddie
Nightgown for Maddie's Lil Red Riding Hood Outfit:
multiple items
Bo-Peep Nursery Rhyme and Bo-Peep Fairytale: and third from top)
Also requires Red Riding Hood, the Hooded Cloak and Fantasy Dreams Hair