Magical Dress Platinum

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The Magical Dress Platinum for A4

The first wiki admin blends together two very different magical-girl anime and renders a different sort of dreamer...
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License:Non-commercial use only
Needed:Aiko 4

The Magical Dress Platinum for A4 is a free outfit for Aiko 4, made by Redviper. It can be downloaded from

The download includes a distinctive wand and a distinctive animal companion, in addition to the dress, undergarments, jewelry, and shoes. It's obvious that Redviper patterned the dress "Platinum" after the dress worn by Sakura in the third-season opening credits to Card Captor Sakura, which had a theme song called "Platinum". Thus, this is a cosplay resource, and it's no surprise that the outfit is licensed for non-commercial use only.

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