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Props, figures, and scenes for hospital and doctor's-office renders.




Right Knee Cast for Starfox Krystal

Eye Patches[edit]

Hospital Gowns[edit]

Other Wardrobe[edit]

chevillere pour G8F
foot bandage
FFp2 mask for Dazstudio iray G8 Female
FFp2 mask for Dazstudio iray G8 Male
face mask
the type one would wear during a pandemic
G8F Face Mask
genouillere pour G8F
Knee bandage
OBJ. 3 individual props: nose-mask, face-mask, face-mask2+opaque.
Face mask II
Left Arm Bandage for Genesis 8 Female
masque Facial G8F or
masque Facial G8M or
Philadelphia Collar with Stabilizer neck brace
Realistic Surgical Mask
Victoria 4, Alyson 2, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11, L'Homme Pro - Male Poser Figure
DA-Halloween for Realistic Surgical Mask
Respiratory protection mask for Dazstudio Iray Genesis 8 Female
Respiratory protection mask for Dazstudio Iray Genesis 8 male
surgical mask for G3F
surgical mask for G8F or


Glasses have their own page.

Hearing Aids[edit]

G8M hearingaids
Hearingaids for G8F

Hospital Furniture[edit]

Baby Bath
for Millennium Baby row from bottom, leftmost column)
Baby Crib
for Millennium Baby (third row from bottom, second column from the left)
Bathroom Cabinet
OBJ, bathroom cabinet with extra props... pill bottle with removable top and two tablet types... box of qtips and 1 loose tip... two door options
Bier (Bahre) for M4/V4
includes V4/M4 Poses to lie and push
BWasher III
This is an update of an older version of the Brainwasher because I get info that some of the files did not work properly any more. I took the opportunity to include some recent additions to the package
Because I was asked: a complete overhauled and remapped Version of the Brain Washer. Now most textures are scaled to 1024x1024 respective 2048x2048 and remaped to make it easier to apply new textures. There are some add ons: now with grips - helps if 007 wants to escape or make sure that your last busted villain will stay put until he (or she) told everything he (she ) knows.... And as with the other models of there will be a lot of uses....
doctors lamp
Examination Table
gyn chair morph
gyn ultrasound scanner -update-
Hospital bed / Lit d hopital
DazStudio. Includes poses for G8F and G8M
Hospital/Medical folding screen (third row from bottom, second column from the right)
MDF1 - Medical Furniture Pack 1
MDF1v2-Medical Furnither Pack 1 Version 2
MDF 2 - Medical Furniture Pack 2
MDF2v2 - Medical Furnither Pack2 v2
MDF 4 - Medical Furniture Part 4
MRI Scanner
posters of anatomical diagrams
Set Hospital for Poser, Character and Props
freestanding cabinet, bedside table, and IV stand

Medical and Surgical Instruments[edit]

Autopsy instruments
"scalpel, hand axe, saw, bone chisel, mallet, retractor, butcher knife, and large syringe" (seventh from top)
Clinical thermometer (seventh from top)
Digital Thermometer

Mobility Aids[edit]

Blind Person's Cane
Crutches for Poser People (third row from bottom, rightmost column)
Old Wheelchair
Wheelchair for Daz Studio
Traditional wheelchair for use in Daz Studio. Tested only in version 4.12 on Windows. Wheels rigged with controls to rotate; front wheels also rigged to swivel. Controls found under Parameters/General/Movements. Materials (Iray only) based on default Daz Studio materials. Seated poses included, one each for base G8F and base G8M. or
Zimmer Frame (first row, second column)


Leg prosthetics pack
In this pack you'll find a kind of peg-leg, a prosthetic that graft on the shin (compatible with my stumps grafts in one of my other package) and a prosthetic that graft on thigh. All 3 will hide the leg automatically and can be posed like a normal leg (some glitch are still here with some extreme poses since i struggled a bit with weight painting)
leg prosthetic sockets OBJ
Prosthetic Blades
OBJ. Leg blades for Genesis.There are two parts - the blade and the leg connector. Its easy enough to tweak the connector to any figure and then parent the blade section to the connector.
Prosthetic Mech Arm object
Realistic hooks and stumps for G3F

Other Props[edit]

1918 Army Ambulance
Includes an ambulance with gurney and cots, and a Signal Corps radio truck with appropriate equipment.
3Dman's IV Bag
Adhesive Bandage Prop for DAZ Studio
Includes OBJ
BF Tibie
low-poly tibia
Covid 19 Test for Dazstudio iray
Daz studio. iray Clinical thermometer
Fexible Plasters Prop for DAZ Studio
OBJ. Heart, not anatomically correct, but natural looking
Herz1 by CorporateArts
Human Brain
Med Props 1
Medical Sensor
Medical ventilator | Respirador - ventilador
MicroVirus by RawArt3d
Nurse's Watch
Pathology DNA Test
OBJ. Sample jar, swab and tube, tweezers open and closed, slide, hair sample and petrie dish. All you need to crack the case!
Portable XRay Machine DUF + OBJ
Pregnancy Test
Rescue Respirator
It's not quite like the real thing, those ones made by ILC Dover are way cooler, this model is just inspired by them. It comes as a .PP2 (Poser prop flavour) with external extra crunchy .OBJ, (983K zip file) and coloured in textures.
Silicone Breast Implant
Test tube and nasal swab
One CoVid test for your Poser people
Thermoscope prop for your medical renders