Mess 'O' Magnets

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Mess 'O' Magnets
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Creator:Jim Farris (Xaa)
License:Commercial & Personal Use
Needed:FemaSu 2011
andButterfly Dresses

Mess 'O' Magnets is a set of 11 poser magnets that will transform the V3 dynamic Butterfly Long Dress into a dress which fits FemaSu 2011. Created by Xaa.

How to Use the magnets in Poser[edit]

Note: Example of image in the freebie box was done using Poser Pro 2014

Because all of the links referenced on the download page of this freebie are no longer valid this tutorial was created to get someone started with using the magnets. As stated in the freebiebox you will need the dress. Current available version is listed on the Butterfly Dresses page of this wiki.

1. Load FemaSu 2011.

2. Apply zero pose to FemaSu.

3. Load Long Butterfly Dress.

4. Parent Dress to FemaSu chest.

5. Select Dress.

6. Apply the pose file Mess'O'Magnets under Butterfly DressFit to the dress.

7. Reselect the Dress and under Parameters->Other you will find the list of 11 magnets.

8. Here are the values for each magnet that was used for the pictured dress in the freebie box. These are a starting point. Different Poser versions may use slightly different numbers. Play with the magnets. They do have overlapping influences. In addition to the values used, the area of influence is identified to make it easier to locate the area the magnet(s) is/are modifying.

Magnet Values
Magnet Value Location
Mag 11 2.48 Upper Skirt
Mag 10 1.485 Left Arm
Mag 9 1.49 Right Arm
Mag 8 1.485 Lower Skirt
Mag 7 1.020 Skirt Length
Mag 6 1.075 Waist
Mag 5 1.555 Hips
Mag 4 1.20 Back of Shoulders
Mag 3 1.075 Under Arms
Mag 2 0.305 Front of Shoulders
Mag 1 1.220 Breast